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Just an extra update this week for y’all.  Since I am living the el-cheapo-no-time-to-myself student lifestyle now, and since we’re on the topic of text books and students and whatnot, I thought that some fellow students might be interested in a contest for students run by RBC (that’s Royal Bank for you non-bank connoisseurs).  If you’re interested in winning $5000 (top prize), $3000 (2nd prize), or even $1000 (eight $1000 prizes) you should probably enter Royal Bank’s new contest- “Show Arbie and WIN”.  In case you’re not familiar with Arbie, he’s the cute little cartoon guy in the blue suit. He wears a hat and looks uber friendly.  If you’re interested in the contest (IMO, easy easy way to win- you don’t even need spend your time writing an essay LOL), go to RBC’s facebook fan page.

To enter the contest, you, as a student, will have to:

1. Like RBC Royal Bank on Facebook

2. Print Arbie (I think a colour printer might be helpful here)

3. Get creative and take a picture of Arbie that shows him how $1,000 would make your student life fantastic.

4. Upload your best photo and share it with your friends and family to get as many votes as possible (so if you have lets say, 10,000 twitter followers and 2000 Facebook friends, I think this is where it will come in handy.  Facebook addicts, unite!).

Along with a nod from the panel of judges, the photo with the most votes wins $5,000!  Or $3000 and $1000 if you get a lot of votes but aren’t numero uno.

Good luck!! And if anyone asks you, you’re procrastinating, but it’s productive procrastination!

Note: I received compensation from Social Media Group for this post.

Article comments

Katelyn W says:

thank you for the lead! I entered, and if you or your followers would be willing to help support a starving student teacher, I would be grateful like and allow app then click vote now. Search for Katelyn and please vote for Stocking My Fridge, by Katelyn W, https://www.facebook.com/rbcroyalbank?sk=app_179012788836235

young says:

@Katelyn W- DONE! 🙂

Potato says:

Another with this RBC social media group kick-back. Who is this mysterious social media group, and why do they not love the spud? I like visa gift cards tooooo…

young says:

@Potato- I like the spud! I had to erase your profanity, Potato, sorry!

SavingMentor says:

Haha, talk about cheap publicity for Royal Bank. I wonder if this will take off? 🙂 How can a normal student hope to compete with bloggers like you?

Have you entered the contest yet?

young says:

@Saving Mentor- No, I haven’t entered the contest 🙂 I think I should give fellow starving students a chance. You know, I think this contest would entail me putting a picture of myself up with Arbie, and that is a no no in my blogging anonymously books. LOL. Besides, in real life I only have 260 facebook friends, with whom I communicate regularly with 20. So I don’t think I’d get very far.

Are you a FT student now? Is the topic of study still a secret?? 🙂

young says:

@Financial Samurai- Yeeeeessss 🙂 I’m a FT student now. And the topic of study is still a secret, but if you’re good, I can let you in on the secret 😉