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How Efficiency became my favourite ‘eff’ word

Way before I fell in love with music, I fell in love with words. It started off with the amazing children’s stories of Enid Blyton, E.B. White, and Madelaine L’Engle, and then as I got older, it grew to include the great poets: Shakespeare, E.E. Cummings, Pablo Neruda. UGHHH… even the english translations of Neruda…

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Why you might not be ready to start paying off your debt

I want you to imagine something… You’ve just gone downstairs into your basement (in this world you own a lovely house with a basement… yay!!!) and you instantly notice two things: There is about a foot and a half of water covering what used to be a very fine shag carpet Someone’s stuck a garden…

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Who’s buying homes in Canada – Infographic


I don’t know if housing has always been a loaded conversation in Canada… but it sure seems to be right now.  The housing ‘discussion’ has gotten out of hand… with warring sides yelling their arguments at each other without ever increasing rage.  I find lots of things annoying about this discussion, but a few things…

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