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Don’t Break the Bank for Homecoming

While most people associate homecoming with high school, I actually had a much better time at my university homecoming celebration.  Instead of everyone getting sloppy drunk and awkwardly trying to make out with the cheerleader/quarterback, there was just enough “social lubricant” to be hand, and a real variety of people to talk to.  Alumni and…

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Top 6 Teenage Misconceptions about Money (and How to Set Them Straight)

Teenagers are infamous for wanting their independence but few realize just how much responsibility comes with being an adult, especially where finances are concerned. There is little in the way of financial education within the Canadian school system although measures are being taken to change that. Personal finance education is for the most part left…

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Enough With The Obsession With Credit Scores

I’m not sure what I did to deserve all these wonderful PF bloggers knocking down my door to guest post for me… so just want to say a big “THANKS!”.  Financial Uproar is one of my favourite blogs because he tells it like it is and he’s laugh-out-loud funny (especially when he does his Saturday…

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