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Do You Need a Pet Emergency Fund if You Have Pet Insurance?

I rescued my dog from a local animal shelter, and as part of that, we got six weeks of free pet insurance coverage. (As if rescuing wasn’t a great enough choice in the first place.)   It was an unexpected perk, and I had every intention of renewing the pet insurance after the six weeks.…

The Ultimate Pet Insurance Guide for Canadians – 2017 Updated!

So – you’re thinking of protecting that precious bundle of fur – while at the same time protecting your wallet from an unforeseen tragic turn?  Humans have insurance and medical plans, so why shouldn’t pets?  Seems like these days, pet insurance companies have been cropping up like weeds. As Canadian pet insurance industry has exploded…

RBC InvestEase Review: Big Blue Enters the Canadian Robo Advisor Market

While Canadian Robo Advisors aren’t household names in Canada, they are beginning to catch on fast.  You can learn more about this fast-moving investing phenomena at an earlier post here, including a comparison of some of the leading Canadian Robo investment firms such as Wealthsimple. Earlier this month, the robo advisor space got just a…

Automated Wealth Management: Not Just Cheaper – Better Performing

If you have been following this show for a while, you’ll know that we’re huge fans (for most investors) of Canada’s Robo Advisors. We love their low fees, ease of use, automatic rebalancing, indexing investment approach – and, did we mention how easy it was yet? What we haven’t had enough data to comment on…

6 (Mostly) Free Holiday Gift Ideas (That Don’t Suck)

Giving gifts is the most celebrated of holiday traditions, as it should be! But take a minute to think about how crazy the premise is: You spend your hard-earned money to buy something for someone that they would never, ever pick for themselves. And vice versa! Every holiday season, I walk at least one gift…