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Submarines and the importance of conversation

I was in a lovely bookstore a few weeks ago browsing through the kids section…. because books with awesome pictures are the best books. #fact And I stumbled across a book about things that were under the sea. Every page had a theme of underwater things, and one of them was about submarines. It was…


Borrowell Review: Fast, Fair, and Friendly Loans + Free Credit Scores

“Make financial services fast, fair, and friendly.” Turns out that you don’t need a large, expensively-maintained branch location in order to lend people money. You don’t need lines, multiple appointments, and confusing jargon either! With leading Canadian digital-lender Borrowell – all you need is an internet connection and a not-terrible credit score.  Borrowell Review Summary  …

A Love Letter To Financial Planning (from an opera singing farmboy)

A few years ago I can honestly say I had given zero thought to what constituted a ‘financial planner’. I honestly didn’t care.  A financial planner seemed like something for other people. People with tons of money and complicated financial situations. They were for people who actually used the other 90% of every bank, not just…

11 Free Things You’ll Miss Out On If You Don’t Attend The Canadian Financial Summit

1) All of the housing stuff Seriously… all of it. There is no hotter topic in Canada today than what the heck is going on in real estate, and we’ve got it covered from all angles.  Desirae Odjick has handcrafted a resource that explains precise step-by-step strategies for saving and growing a down payment, while…

Top 5 Credit Cards for Millennials

Sure, “millennials” include everyone from a 32-year-old born in 1985 to a 17-year-old applying to university, but there are still some common factors between them – and that means credit card advice aimed at Baby Boomers isn’t always going to help millennials get the right card. If you’re a millennial, some of these things may…