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youngandthrifty reviews and more importantly, gives away the book The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper.

Because it’s my birth month (a big shout out to my fellow September friends!) I’m going to be giving away TWO books this month (and there’s plenty more in store!).  I had the opportunity to read and review The Wealth Cure by Hill Harper.  If you don’t know who Hill Harper is, he’s famous for acting in the television series, CSI New York.  He also is a New York Times Bestseller for the books The Conversation and Letters to a Young Brother.  Oh, and did I mention that he’s hot?  Hot and smart (he graduated from Harvard)?  *drool* (sorry my dear male readers, I got side tracked).

Anyways, I didn’t really know what I was expecting when I first read this book.  I thought it might be just another personal finance book, telling the reader that he or she needs to do this or that in order to get their finances in order.

It was actually quite different from what I had expected.

I learned a lot about life AND about finances.  So two birds with one stone!  Hill Harper told his story, about how he grew up thinking about wealth (both his parents were physicians), about what he thought about love (his parents were divorced) and about how his friends and acquaintances in the movie/ Hollywood celebrity industry thought about money and managed their money.  It was a really good book and I learned a lot about Hill Harper and about money.


Hill Harper never seemed like he was frivolous with his money, but he did make some big purchases on real estate over his years.  He talks about how we can be truly wealthy (and it’s not what you would think, this definition of wealthy).  He travels across United States to clear his mind about his life and what his thoughts are on money, love, living, friendship after a diagnosis of a serious medical condition.  He learns about what truly matters when you are faced with a life threatening disease, and as you might have guessed, it’s not about our material possessions.

I also learned some cool history, like where the term “The Real McCoy” actually originated from.  (Do you know where it came from?)

The book read like an autobiography/personal finance book/ and spiritual book (without all the new-age lingo) in one.  It was good and I would recommend it, more for the spiritual learning that you will get from learning how to redefine your relationship with money.  I think it’s a great book for people who are interested in learning more about whats important about life.

So, I hope to give one book away!  It’s a new book (haha, youngandthrifty.ca got UPGRADED yeahhhhh) and its worth a whopping $30 Canadian (or $26 USD).  Oh and did I mention its hardcover?  Which means it will cost me more to ship it to you.  Value for your entry!!

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Good luck everyone!  Thanks for reading Y&T!

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Laura says:

I all ready subscribe to RSS, but I’ll tweet this as well!
Love your give aways!

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Sounds like an interesting book. I already subscribe through email. Thanks!

Gloria Johnson says:

I thought I subcribed both ways, both I know with the email for sure.

young says:

@Gloria Johnson- Okay thanks! 🙂

Gloria Johnson says:

I have read all of Hill Harpers Books which are great reading for the soul, so I am dying to read the Wealth Cure. So enter me into the drawing.

young says:

@Gloria- Thanks Gloria- did you subscribe by email or RSS? 🙂

Misa says:

And it was through RSS

young says:

@Misa- Great thanks! I’ll enter you.

Misa says:

I subscribed through my phone. But I’ll try again through my computer.

Damn, that’s a good looking man!

young says:

@Financial Samurai- You are so awesome, ‘mate. Secure enough with your masculinity to acknowledge the handsomeness of other men. 🙂

Jane says:

Thanks for posting such a great giveaway fellow Virgo. I subscribed by email.

young says:

@Jane- Yay!! Someone acknowledged the virgo-essness! Happy birthday my virgo friend!

Tonnia Switzer says:

I found your site from a link on Twitter. Thanks for the review on Hill Harper’s book. Please enter me in the book giveaway contest.

young says:

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Kellen says:

Subscribed by email – about time I did that anyway…

young says:

@Kellen- Aweee thanks! 🙂

Misa says:

This is awesome and encouraging to see advice on one of the most talked about topics. IF I get this book. I’ll have to share this with my lil bro cause we’re meant to take our place & let money know where it’s pace is!

young says:

@Misa- Hi Misa, which way did you subscribe? RSS or email 🙂

Hamardo says:

I have read The Conversation and Letters to a Young Brother and walked away very encouraged being that I am a young African American male now in graduate school. I subscribed by email and would like to be entered in give away for his latest book The Wealth Cure. Have a Blessed day.

Christine Bryant says:

I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this blog…can’t wait for my emails…I’m like a sponge right now…ready to take in and learn so much to be a better me. 🙂

Be'en says:

Am a subscriber! count me in..

SophieW says:

This book sounds interesting. You can only read so many how-to books before you need a good story to get the juices flowing again.

Anyway, I’m already subscribed through email.

Thanks for another chance at a book Y&T 🙂

Ann K says:

Great minds think alike…the first thing I said when i saw the cover of the book was, ‘Geez, he’s hot!’.
I wouldn’t mind reading the book too though 🙂
I am already a subscriber so please enter me in the contest

young says:

@Ann K- lol 🙂 Great good luck!

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Yay! Another give away! 🙂 Thanks so much Y&T!

I already subscribe via RSS and will tweet this! 🙂

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@fabulouslyfrugirl- There’s even more where that comes from! 🙂 Good luck!

This sounds like an awesome book, not just your usual “skip your daily coffee to become a millionaire” jazz. Definitely enter me up under the usual categories? Do we get an extra entry for having the best acronym/name in the business?

young says:

@MUM- Definitely, it was very introspective in a subtle way (not direct/ nagging like). Well, MUM, I didn’t see that clause in the contest rules and regulations, but I do like your acronym/name. I think that award goes to Financial Uproar though “FU”.


Chelsea says:

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young says:

@Chelsea- good luck!

Hey there! I do already subscribe by RSS feed, but not by e-mail. Will let you know when I do.

Also I do know about the term Real McCoy! I’ve been a bit more active lately about finding out about these idioms and their true meaning. My favorite is “happy as a clam!” I’ll let you do the research, but it makes so much sense!

young says:

@Investing Newbie- OMG I haven’t seen you in forever! How are you doing? Just looked up happy as a clam idiom- interesting, never knew it! I wouldn’t be happy in high tide… but a clam would!

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