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Avoid the stresses and pitfalls of the season while getting the best Boxing Day deals of the year! Read on for our top tips on how to get the best Boxing Day sales.

Savvy shoppers anticipate Boxing Day deals in Canada all year long but prepping for the big day doesn’t need to be a full-time job. With a bit of planning and organization, you can avoid the stresses and pitfalls of the season while availing yourself of some of the Boxing Day best deals of the year. Read on for our top tips on how to plan for Boxing day shopping and cash in on this year’s Boxing Day sales in Canada.

1. Make a Budget

I know, I can almost hear you groaning; but a budget is necessary for making solid financial decisions. Even if you’re not strapped for cash, establishing exactly what you can afford to spend before you hit the sales is a smart move because retailers invest a massive amount of moolah into convincing you to buy stuff. Armed with a realistic budget that you can consult, you’ll be that much further ahead when weighing whether to take the plunge on a purchase.

If budgeting doesn’t come easy (and let’s be real: why would it?), consider getting some help. We’re big fans of You Need A Budget, an app to develop good spending habits—even long after the Boxing Day sales are over. According to YNAB, new budgeters save on average $600 by month two and more than $6,000 their first year. You can also try YNAB free for a month. Just download the app onto your iPhone, Android, iPad, and Apple Watch – making it easy to track of your spending during Boxing Day sales.

2. Plan Ahead to Reap Rewards

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Taking time to plan how to best maximize your rewards programs may well be the most valuable tip on this list. With just a bit of forethought, you can prepare yourself for the best discounts and really beef up your cash back or rewards (more on that below).

Start by looking at the credit card products you carry—and the ones you don’t. There might be a very rewarding opportunity there for you with a few clicks of the mouse. For instance, the no-fee Tangerine World Mastercard® offers 2% cash back on purchases in up to three spending categories. So if you plan to drop some serious cash on furniture, for example, make sure you’ve got that category selected prior to Boxing Day.

Learn more about the Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card

3. Start Shopping Online 

Before the actual Boxing Day sales begin, you should be prepared with your budget and a list of the items you actually need. The best way to build this list is by doing your research online at least a week in advance. Get a sense of your wish list items’ regular prices, compare features, and decide on your top priorities. Next, sign up for the newsletters and social media accounts of your favourite brands. This is where you’ll get advance (and possibly exclusive!) access to deep discounts and preferential pricing.

4. Use a Rewards or Cash Back Credit Card

If you plan to spend some money on Boxing Day sales, why not make those purchases work for you? There are two main types of rewards—cash back and points—and your goal will determine which is the best option for you. If you’re looking to spend cut your spending to the barebones, a cash back card might be the way to go. Otherwise, if you’re hoping to earn on merchandise including gift cards or travel rewards, there are excellent products to get your there faster—and, many of these cards offer very healthy sign-up bonuses for new members. For instance, the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card offers new cardholders a limited-time welcome offer of 6% cash back on all purchases for the first 3 months (up to a total spend of $2,000). You also get an annual fee rebate for the first year for both the primary and first additional cardholder. Conditions apply, and you must apply by December 6, 2020 to take advantage of this fantastic limited-time offer.

TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card Details:

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Annual Fee: $120 (annual fee rebate for first year if you apply by December 6, 2020)
Purchase APR: 20.99%
Cash Advance APR: 22.99%

Limited-time offer: Earn 10% on all purchases for the first 3 months up to a total spend of $2,000. Plus, get an annual fee rebate for the first year. Conditions apply. Must apply by December 6, 2020.

*This offer is not available for residents of Quebec. For Quebec residents, please click here.

Learn more about the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card.

If rewards are more up your alley, the Scotiabank Passport™ Visa Infinite* Card has an excellent earn rate and a generous welcome bonus of up to 35,000 bonus Scotia Rewards points in your first year (that’s up to $350 towards travel )‡. Conditions apply, and you must apply by November 1, 2020 to take advantage of this bonus offer. Plus, the card comes with no foreign transaction fees – so if you’re making cross-border purchases on Boxing Day, it’ll save you a few bucks.

5. Get Paid to Shop

Once you’ve got your cash back or reward credit card in your pocket you’re set, right? Wrong! Make sure your phone has Paymi – an app that allows you to earn cash back simply by shopping. It’s easy: just connect your credit and debit cards to the app and then go shopping at any of their retail, travel, or restaurant partners (think: SportChek, Starbucks, Spotify, Burger King, Mark’s, Hudson’s Bay Company, Aldo, Staples, Leon’s, and more). Every time you spend money online or in-store at one of Paymi’s partners, you’ll earn cash back. A couple of minutes spent signing up can have a big payoff.

6. Search for Boxing Day Coupons, Codes, and Promotions

Boxing Day flyers and newsletters are helpful, but this is no time rest on your laurels and rely on brands to do the heavy lifting. You may have to do some digging to find the best Boxing Day deals in Canada, starting online. Use your search engine to find coupons, codes, and promotions—or have your browser do it for you. The Honey Extension for the Chrome browser automatically scans items in your online shopping cart and applies existing coupon codes to your purchase. Some brands offer exclusive mobile-only discounts, so take a trip to their sites (and don’t forget social!) using your phone.

7. Boxing Day Deals Are Terrific for Travel

People tend to associate Boxing Day sales with hordes of people stampeding through the mall in search of cameras, smartphones, and flat-screen TVs. Electronics are available at rock bottom prices, but don’t forget to look at your travel purchases too! The Honey Extension app has an entire section for travel buys where you can save at the point of purchase. But here’s another hack:  if you use a travel rewards credit card, you can double those bonuses. Link your card to Paymi and you might get yet another tidy bit of cash back.

Canadians have access to scores of travel rewards credit cards, but there are a few standouts to consider.  For one of the best AIR MILES credit cards, the BMO® AIR MILES®† World Elite®* Mastercard®  comes with a high earn rate and a hefty welcome bonus of 2,000 AIR MILES Bonus Miles. For one of the best Aeroplan credit cards, Aeroplan collectors can’t go wrong with adding the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card to your wallet. The excellent earning rate and VIP travel perks are enticing, but take advantage of the incredible welcome bonus of up to 25,000 Aeroplan Miles (conditions apply). Plus, the card’s annual fee is waived for the first year for both the primary and first additional cardholder as part of the current promotion.

TD® Aeroplan® Visa InfiniteCard Details:

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Annual Fee: $120
Purchase APR: 19.99%
Cash Advance APR: 22.99%

Limited-time offer: Apply by November 7, 2020 to get an annual fee rebate for the first year and the welcome bonus of up to 25,000 Aeroplan Miles.  Conditions Apply.

Learn more about the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card.

*This offer is not available for residents of Quebec. For Quebec residents, please click here.

8. In-Store Shopping Hacks

The internet has changed a lot of things, especially how Canadians shop. If you end up “kicking it old school” and shopping at in-store during Boxing Day sales, there are a few things you can do to keep your cool:

  • Map out your route in advance. With all the line ups, crowds, and traffic, shopping on Boxing Day can feel as exhausting as training for the Olympics. Using technology to your advantage and planning out your shopping day will help you get ahead of the game. For instance, some major shopping centres offer virtual parking support and online mall maps that you can access on your phone.
  • Look for mall premium services. Some major malls offer special services to enhance your shopping experience – often free of cost! For instance, some shopping centres offer parking valets or allow you to reserve your parking space in advance. Guest services may even make a restaurant reservation for you or hold your bags while you shop. All you can do is ask!
  • Revisit your prioritized wish list. Add in as much detail including brand names, specifications, or (crucially, in the case of clothing purchases) colour and size. The less time you spend in line for the fitting room, the better.
  • Look after yourself! Do a little self-care before, during, and after. Boxing Day sales in Canada can rattle even the most dedicated shopper, so make sure you leave the house with a full belly, have water and snacks on hand while you shop, and plan for a relaxed evening when you get home. A hot bath, refreshing drink, or your favourite Netflix series can be a welcome respite from an intense day.

Last Word

Boxing Day sales in Canada offer a once-in-a-year opportunity to save big on everything from new clothes to your next vacation to the latest electronics. With a bit of planning, and the help of a few well-chosen credit cards, apps, and websites, you can not only enjoy deep discounts but also actually earn on your purchases. You’ll be thankful for your organization and effort when your cash rebate or bundle of points roll in. Happy shopping!

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