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I remember the first time used Coupon Sherpa when I was on that most Canadian of Holidays: the Great American Shopping Trip.

I loved the simplicity of an app that could tell what stores were close to me, and then download money-saving bar codes right to my screen in roughly 1.5 seconds.  I knew it was too good to be true when I came back to Canada and found that the carriage had turned back into a pumpkin.  Sure, a dedicated Canadian coupon clipper can still survey the consumer landscape before leaving their house and print off skads of online deals – but that takes time and effort – neither of which I like to part with easily.

People who actually enjoy the “sport” of shopping can still sniff around endlessly all weekend in order to stretch their budget – but that’s just not me.  I want the lazy-man’s convenience of a simple app I can download on my phone, that will track my movements, and tell me what deals I can get as I walk into the store.  This is 2015 people, the Jetsons told us we’d be zooming around in floating cars by now!

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Canada’s newest foray into the coupon market is Wanit, and it isn’t quite Coupon Sherpa-esque… yet, but we’re getting there.  App creators assure me that coupons are in the works, but until then take ten seconds to download the app and see what it can do for you the next time you’re in a shopping mall.  While coupons will make the app even more appealing to financially-savvy users, the current version isn’t too shabby.  Instead of singing up for all of your store’s email lists, that then might email you a generic deals copy instead of something specific to the location you will be visiting that weekend, Wanit will give you an update as you’re walking into the mall on all of the deals specific to that location.  For some of you that might ruin the fun of battling hordes of crowds and rushes to find diamonds in the rough, but for people like me who just want to get in and get out, it’s gold.

Wanit will allow you to keep special tabs on your favorite brands, stores, or even specific deals.  There are also quick sharing options if you want to tag team the deal-finding effort with a friend.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet on what the new app offers:

* See a list of all deals at your nearest shopping mall

* Be privy to all details and fine print on deals

* Access coupons for deals (*coming soon*)

* Choose which brands you want to follow

* Mark your favorite deals

* Share deals with friends

* Filter deals by location

* Receive recommendations on new deals

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The best part is that the app is totally free!  The user interface is pretty clean and easy to use.  There’s really no downside to what I can tell.  I haven’t compared the app’s deal-finding abilities to some of the websites that specialize in aggregating coupons and deals in Canada, but I have to assume the people that update the app daily behind the scenes are experts at skimming those same resources. (If they’re not, here’s a free tip: start doing that.)

Ultimately I should probably admit I’m not the best guy to be reviewing this app as I’m not the type to save every nickel I can in the quest for the pinnacle of deal-finding.  That being said, if an every man like me can figure out how to save money with this app, it really can’t be that hard right?  Download it for FREE, check it out yourself and see if makes your shopping experience more enjoyable (or less terrible, depending how you look at it). Right now this app is ready to go on the Itunes App Store and the android version should be ready in a week or two.  Let us know what you think of the app in the comments below!

“Get deals right next to you from the brands you love, conveniently in the places you visit.”

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John says:

Is there an android alternative?? IOS only it seems like

Justin says:

They are working on it. Once its done I’ll update the post. Should be ready any day now.