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No One Should Care About Your Money More Than You Do! Let your 25+ Canadian Personal Finance Experts help you to become your own advisor.

I Love Conferences.

You get to meet interesting people, learn new things, and escape the day-to-day routines of life for a few days.

I Hate Conferences.

I detest: waiting in security lines, babies crying on planes, delayed flights, spending hundreds of dollars on travel and meals, wearing uncomfortable clothes, trying to impress impressive people, and getting behind on the rest of life.

That’s why I decided to put together an event that aimed to give attendees 98% of the good stuff about conferences – without any of the drawbacks.

Thus, the Canadian Financial Summit was born.  On September 13th – 16th we’ll be going LIVE with interviews and Ted-Talk type sessions from Canada’s top personal finance experts, beamed straight into your home via computer, tablet, or phone.

I’m proud to present the first personal finance virtual summit for Canadians, by Canadians, and solely about Canadian financial topics!

If you sign up for a FREE ticket you’ll instantly get access to 25+ sessions on the best ideas, tips, and little-known hacks for:

    Saving more on everyday items
    Better, smarter, easier ways to invest
    Protecting yourself from corporate chicanery
    Retiring Earlier
    Levelling the playing field when it comes to discussing financial matters
    Negotiating the best deals for yourself
    Avoiding crippling fees and terrible advice
    Understanding the housing market and what’s actually important to know
    Getting your credit cards to PAY YOU
    Earning hundreds more every week with brilliant side hustles
    Traveling on the cheap to exotic locales
    Much, much more!

Some Young and Thrifty readers are familiar with concepts like how to negotiate major household expenses or reducing investing fees.  For those folks we’re featuring semi-advanced sessions on credit card hacks, leveraged investing (The Smith Manoeuvre), how to quantify the value of financial advice – and several other unique talks.

But if you’re just starting out, we’ve got some great resources on how to start investing, how to buy your first house, and how to get the most out of TFSAs, RRSPs, and RESPs!

Canadian Financial Summit

I learned a ton putting this online summit together and talking to the likes of:

    The Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick
    CBC and Moneysense Contributor Preet Banerjee
    The O.G’s of Canadian Personal Finance Blogs: Million Dollar Journey and Tom Drake
    Toronto Star Columnist Ellen Roseman
    Bestselling Authors Andrew Hallam, Jonathan Chevreau, and Robert Brown
    The Cream of Canada’s New Blogging Crop: Chris Enns, Bridget Casey, Barry Choi, Robb Engen, Desirae Odjick + Many More
    Oh… and Yours Truly!

Together our All Star Speakers have authored more than 90 personal finance books, hosted 400+ podcast episodes, written 20,000+ blog posts and newspaper columns, and have been featured in thousands of media articles and interviews from every major news publication in Canada.

Needless to say – you will not find this elite group anywhere else!

How to Check Out The Canadian Financial Summit

In order to reserve your tickets simply click here and I’ll email them over right away.

When the Summit starts, we’ll send you an email each day with the link to the sessions that go LIVE for the next 48 hours.

That’s it.  There’s no paperwork.  No need to worry about how you’re going to get your suit or dress to another city without wrinkling it.  No airline PR teams to navigate.

No Need To Get Out Of Your PJs!

If you want more details on The Canadian Financial Summit, just click here to see the full range of what we’re offering.

Once again – this event is completely FREE to attend. However, if you can’t make it for the scheduled date/time, you will be given the option to purchase a special any-time, anywhere, Premium All Access Pass that will allow you stream the entire conference on any device, whenever fits your personal schedule,

I’ve worked really hard to put this all together and really want to do my best to make this event a smashing success – please let us know if you experience a snag or hiccup in the sign up process.  Use our Contact Us Page here at Young and Thrifty or scroll down to the Contact Us section on the Canadian Financial Summit’s homepage.  I’ll get back to you ASAP – and you’ll be helping us make sure everything goes smoothly for folks that want to sign up after you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the LIVE webinar kick off!

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Sounds like a great idea! Will there be a way to view the sessions after the fact?

Kyle says:

Yup – just sign up for the free pass and all the details will roll your way Owen!