How to Avoid Bankruptcy as a Couple

After watching many of episodes of 'Til Debt Do Us Part by Gail Vaz-Oxlade (I love her so much), I started thinking about how it is so important, as a...
How Canadian Credit Scoring Works

How Canadian Credit Scoring Works

Your credit score is a number that evaluates the information in your credit report.  You can check get actually get a free credit score from Borrowell - Canada's leading online...

Tips for Staying Ahead of Home Loans

Youngandthrifty's thoughts: With the economy currently in distress, gas prices looming higher and higher, and the real estate market in parts of North America in the absolute pits, buying a...

Net Worth Update: December 2010

Net Worth: November 2010 $122975 (- 4.3%) *GASP* Yes, what you see is indeed a negative month compared to last. There's a huge reason for this...I have officially put an...

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