Net Worth

Net Worth Update

May 2016 Net Worth Update $393,900 +1%

Just up $2800.  Ideally it would be over the $3000 mark, but that's okay.  It's a bit slower than anticipated, but at least it is in the positive territory, I...
April 2016 Net worth Update +0.98%

April 2016 Net worth Update +0.98%

Yippee!  In the positive territory this month again. Hopefully I will break $400K in a few months time at this rate.  My goal for the end of 2016 as one...
Net Worth Update

March 2016 Net Worth Update (+1.1%)

Lots has happened in February!  I am very thankful that I am in the positive territory and finally made my net worth goal of more than $385,000 in March 2016...
Net Worth Update

February 2016 Net Worth Update- (-0.2%)

Well, I am starting off the new year going backwards haha!  Let's hope that this trend of negative net worth updates does not continue and is short lived. I had...
January 2016 Networth Update

January 2016 Networth Update: $384,160 (+0.8%)

I had anxiety calculating my net worth as the months got closer and closer to January 2016.  I was pretty frugal this year I think, didn't buy much but did...
December 2015 Networth Update: $381025 (+0.6%)

December 2015 Networth Update: $381025 (+0.6%)

Okay, I'll take it!  Not a big gain this month but better than the negative territory.  I spent very little this month, probably the least amount for the whole year,...
November 2015 Networth Update: $378,500 (+2.4%)

November 2015 Networth Update: $378,500 (+2.4%)

Thank goodness that the stock market rallied a bit compared to the drop in September.  I made a lot of changes to my portfolio this month.  Bough HSE.TO (I couldn't...
Net Worth Update

October 2015 Networth Update: +0.7%

EDIT:  Ooops, I guess I'm doing a little better than I thought (phew!).  I had sold some holdings in my TFSA but when I calculated my net worth update, they...
September 2015 net worth update (-0.6%)

September 2015 net worth update (-0.6%)

That positive streak didn't last very long.  The markets have not done well and I think I took about a $8000-$10k hit to my portfolio so far.  It's quite painful...

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