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how to make your own financial plan

Financial Planning and How To Create Your Own Financial Plan in 7 Steps

Ever tried to navigate your way through a new city without using Google Maps? You'll likely end up lost. The same applies to navigating your finances: you need a route...
best budget app

Best Budget Apps and Budgeting Tools on the Market in 2019

It’s no secret that successful budgeting is key to managing your money. But when it comes to the best budgeting apps in Canada, it’s not “one-size fits all.” A budget...

How to Break up with Your Financial Advisor

Breaking up is hard. You were once so close, but now the distance seems insurmountable and it's time to say good-bye. You've moved on – you just need to make...
8 Instagram Accounts for Stepping Up Your Money Game

8 Instagram Accounts for Stepping Up Your Money Game

When you think of places to go to learn about money, Instagram probably isn’t one of them. Blogs? Yes. Podcasts? Absolutely. Online courses? Sure. Instagram? …Not so much. Understandably so;...
4 Pieces of Advice for My Freshly Graduated Self

4 Pieces of Advice for My Freshly Graduated Self

It’s graduation season, which means that young adults are being released into the wild to either continue their studies at university or work in the “real world,” many for whom...
Most New Year's Resolutions Crash and Burn - Try Monthly Resolutions Instead

Most New Year’s Resolutions Crash and Burn – Try Monthly Resolutions Instead!

We love to think of human accomplishment in terms of the year in which they occurred. We’ve got annual entertainment awards, the Nobel Prizes, and there’s even a competition to...
2017 Personal Finance Goals

2017 Personal Finance Goals

It's somewhat of a personal finance blogger to have personal finance goals for the new year.  After all, this blogs help keep us accountable, and I find it very helpful...
2016 Personal Finance Goals Re-Cap

2016 Personal Finance Goals Recap

And just like that, 2016 has come and gone and 2017 is here.  It is tradition to review last year's goals and create new goals for the new year.  In...
2014 Personal Finance Resolutions Review

2014 Personal Finance Resolutions Review

I seriously cannot believe that it is the end of 2014 already.  This year seemed like it flew by! To be honest, my personal finance resolutions for 2014 weren't that...

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