Real Estate

reverse mortgage explained

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

With the average home in Canada now worth about a half-million dollars — and much more in large cities such as Toronto and Vancouver — it’s not surprising that some...
buying your first home

Real Estate Agent Commission – Decoded!

Most Canadians use a real estate agent when buying a home, paying real estate agent commission. A realtor can help purchasers find the right home for the right price and...
calculate your home equity

All You Need to Know About Getting a Home Equity Loan

Are you in need of money and considering a loan? Are you a homeowner? Then you may want to consider a home equity loan. In this article, we’re sharing everything...
new mortgage rules 2018

What the New Mortgage Rules Stress Test Means for Homebuyers

Since January 2018, Canadians have had a much harder time buying a house, thanks to the new mortgage rules introduced by the federal government. Whether buying your first home or...
Buying A House in Canada: A Guide to Buying Your First Home

Buying A House in Canada: A Guide to Buying Your First Home

Across Canada, money-savvy millennials are taking the plunge into homeownership, knowing that it's one the best long-term investments that they can make. Whether you're buying a house, condo, or townhome,...
How Home Equity Actually Works

Understanding How Home Equity Actually Works

If I have to listen to one more Canadian tell me that their home is, “The best investment I ever made,” I may lose my mi… well, let’s not be...
Buying a House With a Partner If You're Not Married

Buying a House with a Partner – If You’re Not Married

It turns out, buying a house with a partner - even if you’re not married - isn’t the crazy, off-the-wall idea it used to be. We can thank statistics for...
How to Port a mortgage

How To Port A Mortgage

Can I take my mortgage with me if I have an excellent fixed interest rate that I want to hand on to?  Or is it possible to use the sweet...
How to Use the Home Buyers Plan

How to Use the Home Buyers Plan

The Canadian Home Buyers Plan is a way to borrow from your RRSP in order to come up with a down payment for your first home.  Having bought my first...

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