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Mortgage Broker vs Bank – Who to Choose?

You’re lookin’ to buy a place but don’t know whether to go with a Canadian mortgage broker or with a big bank, and you want to get the best mortgage...
Face of Vancouver

The Face of Vancouver Real Estate

As a native Vancouverite I have seen this city change the most since 2010 when we hosted the Olympics and since the Canada Line (rapid transit) came about. The city...
Rent vs Sell Condo

Rent Versus Sell Condo: The Low Down

We've heard of renting versus buying calculators (such as the one from the Ontario Securities Commission Get Smarter About Money) but have we thought about renting versus selling your home...

How My Dad Owned a Home Without Ever Having a Mortgage

My Dad has never made a mortgage payment in his life, yet owned his own home by the time he was 30. He only received a very minor inheritance when...

Don’t Need a Million (When You Live in a Box in the Sky) in Vancouver

Earlier this year in Vancouver and Global TV news, a 29 year old woman with a master's degree in environmental science, Eveline Xia, took to twitter when she created a social...
Mortgage Broker

What Real Estate Professionals Do You Need In Canada?

If you didn’t get in on the contest for our free eBook: Getting Your Foot in the Door – Buying Your First Home in Canada, check it out now before...
Getting Your Foot In The Door

The Nuts and Bolts of Buying a House in Canada

If you want a taste of what the free resource has to offer, take a sneak peak below at our chapter on what it actually takes to purchase a home...
5 Things to Think About Before Buying Your First Condo

5 Things to Think About Before Buying Your First Condo

In Vancouver there are a TON of new apartment and condo developments, it makes me think...who are moving into these condos? If you're thinking about buying your first condominium and...
Taking “Real Estate 101” with Your University Freshman

Taking “Real Estate 101” with Your University Freshman

This article initially appeared in Canadian MoneySaver Magazine. Your firstborn is approaching one of their major rites of passage – their high school graduation – and you’ve got a couple...

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