Saving Money On Stuff

Make Savings a Must-Win Game

Money Hacking Your Brain: Make Savings a Must-Win Game

For better or worse, I was a competitive young child. I wanted to get the best grades and be the president of absolutely everything. I was a real pain in...
It's Beginning to Cost a Lot Like Christmas 650x650

It’s Beginning to Cost a Lot Like Christmas: 6 Tips for Managing Your Holiday Spending

I love everything holidays; the ridiculous holiday-themed decor, people in faux Santa beards and elf costumes casually walking around the city streets, festive holiday parties, giving thoughtful gifts, and stuffing...
Do You Need a Pet Emergency Fund if You Have Pet Insurance

Do You Need a Pet Emergency Fund if You Have Pet Insurance?

I rescued my dog from a local animal shelter, and as part of that, we got six weeks of free pet insurance coverage. (As if rescuing wasn’t a great enough...
How to Get Cheap and Free Magazines in Canada

How to Get Cheap and Free Magazines in Canada

Being a teacher in the summer leaves a bit of time to experiment. If you’re also a personal finance nerd, this means that looking into how to save money on...

Negotiating a 50% Discount On My Maclean’s Magazine Subscription

**The events covered below occurred about two months before Maclean’s declared it would go to a once-a-month print issue.  Obviously that changes the game, and I will be expecting a...
Renegotiate with Rogers

Negotiating with Rogers Wireless – Head to Head Battle!

In an earlier post last week, I wrote about a general step-by-step guide on how to negotiate a cell phone contract.  Today I’ll reveal the actual flow of the conversation I...
Step by Step Guide on How to save on your Cellphone Contract

Step-by-step Guide on How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Contract

Here in Canada we are ruled by only a few wireless service carriers and pay some of the highest cell phone costs in the world.  Namely these companies fall into...
How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

Step by Step Guide on How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

I will admit it. I have a sparkler on my finger.  It’s not huge like 2 carats or anything, but it is over one carat, and I do feel a...
save money on shaving

Want to Save $99 on Shaving Blades This Year? Mach 3 vs. Old School Edwin Jagger DE89

I’ve always hated shaving. Hated it with the passion one reserves for the things that cause them constant irritation and that they have resigned themselves to facing daily for the...

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