Saving Money On Stuff

Putting the Brakes on Auto Insurance Costs

Putting the Brakes on Auto Insurance Costs

If you’re a long-time reader of Y&T you might have wondered to yourself over the years why we didn’t have a definitive auto insurance post that we could guide readers...
new CRTC Rules to your Advantage

Using the new CRTC Rules to your Advantage with The Big Three

As many of you may know, starting June 3, 2015 the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) implemented a wireless code where effectively, any cell phone contracts that you already...

Giving Consumers The Incentive To Save

If reading Freakonomics taught me anything it’s that people respond to incentives.  I hope for Canadians’ sake that this economic touchstone is true when it comes to saving money.  BMO...

Canada’s Newest Money-Saving Shopping App: Wanit

I remember the first time used Coupon Sherpa when I was on that most Canadian of Holidays: the Great American Shopping Trip. I loved the simplicity of an app that...
Best Small Cars of 2015

Best Small Cars of 2015

I should admit right up front that I’m not much of a car guy – which is a blessing if you’re trying to be a personal finance guy.  Luxury cars...

Is Couponing Really Worth Your Time?

I have to admit that I’ve been a coupon snob in the past. My hatred of the unorganized couponer that holds up the line as they leisurely thumb through their...

Amazon Student Prime – Is It Worth It?

Finally – a perk to forking over thousands of dollars a year in graduate student fees… Free Amazon Prime for six months! Click here to skip my review and sign...
Why are Designer Sunglasses so Expensive

Why are Designer Sunglasses so Expensive?

I thought about this question as I was lounging and frolicking in an infinity swimming pool earlier this  year.  As I was getting chlorinated pool water splashed on my sunglasses...
Is Universal Life Insurance a Good Idea

Is Universal Life Insurance a Good Idea?

A few months ago my friends and I were talking about investing and money.  I enjoy talking about money with my friends (although they don't know I write in this...

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