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Dear Fellow YoungandThrifty-ites,

A little over a year ago Justin and I decided to start an experiment.  A lot of our friends told us that in addition to having the perfect faces for radio we should try doing something other than just text-based stuff on this site.  It wasn’t that our writing wasn’t good they said (we buy more than our share of rounds so our friends are nice to us), but they just didn’t like reading all that much.  When combined with my anecdotal experience as a high school teacher, we scientifically arrived at the conclusion that because a lot of young folks don’t like to read a whole lot more than we have to, we should try bringing our sarcastic wit and slightly-above-average financial advice to a different platform.

As a result, The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast was born.

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard that title before, yes, that is the name of our book (now featured by anybody who is anybody in Canada).  The light bulb doesn’t go on for us every day, so when we found a good title we decided to milk it for all it was worth.

Fresh Faces and New Ideas

So look, you can read all our stuff on here.  I don’t say a whole on the podcast that you can’t read about between YoungandThrifty.ca and MyUniversityMoney.com.


Here’s the thing, what this show has morphed into is not about Justin and I.  We give you the odd pearl of wisdom here and there, but the main focus and what is really worth the price of admission (free) is the stuff our guests put out there.

Smart People Saying Smart Things That Can Make You Smarter

When we first started the podcast we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get anyone to talk to us.  It turns out that Canada is full of really nice people who also happen to be smart, funny, and want to help people.  We’ve had nearly all of Canada’s leading finance gurus on the show.  We’ve had people who wrote relevant books come on and talk to us like we were legit.  We’ve even had specialists from various financial fields chat with us.

For example, we just recorded podcasts with the National Post’s Melissa Leong and Canadian MoneySaver’s Peter Hodson.  If you’re not familiar with them simply Google their names to check out their impressive résumés.

Here is a brief rundown of some of our more popular episodes to date:

What the Heck Is a Podcast?!

For those of you that are new to the podcast game, you can simply click over to our hosting site and hit the play button for a live stream.

You can also download an episode onto whatever device suits you and listen to it at your leisure.  For Apple users, we’re on iTunes so that is straightforward enough.  For Android folks, I recommend simply downloading an app such as Podcast Addict (the one I use) and use their search feature to find us.

Personally, I have about a half-dozen podcasts that I subscribe to and that way every time a new show comes out my phone will automatically download it so that it is ready for me when I go for a run or get stuck doing the dishes.  Obviously that option is available for our podcast as well.

We Need Your Help

Justin and I are pretty proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish on the show.  Some of our guests focus a little more exclusively on people currently in university or college, while others speak to topics that are more relevant to the 22-35 crowd.  One way or another, there is some good stuff throughout the various episodes, so take a look through the list and see if there is anything there that catches your interest or that you might want to recommend to someone else!

We zoomed to the top of the New and Noteworthy list when we first started (yes, we took a screen shot so people would believe us).  Now we’re just looking to make people aware that this resource is out there.  Justin and I would truly appreciate it if anyone who finds the podcast worth listening to would give us a review on iTunes and/or share the podcast using their social media.  We don’t make a cent on the podcast (in fact, it costs us a small amount to produce it) we just want to make people aware that something like this is out there for young Canadians to take advantage of.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  More Beers, More Cheers, That’s It, That’s All!

Kyle & Justin

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