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If there is one area of personal finance we know well, it’s the college and/or university life.  Whether you’re looking at school for the first time, thinking about going back to upgrade your credentials and/or add some résumé material, or even considering an MBA, we’ve got you covered.

Yup… that’s our book.  Man, saying that never gets old.  More Money for Beer and Textbooks is aimed at young folks looking at school for the first time, but there is plenty of information in there on everything from how to sublet a rented apartment, to how much you can expect to pay for a spot in residence, to how much money you can save by making your own beer!  Needless to say, even if you’re not a member of the high school class of 2015-2017, you can still get a lot out of what we have to say.

Perhaps the part of the book that has gotten the most attention from the powers that be, is the section we wrote on the current job market for specific types of education paths.  It ruffled a few feathers, but we stand by the facts that we presented – mainly that a university degree hasn’t entitled you to a job for quite a while now.

If you don’t want to click on over to Amazon and get the full package, see some of the favorite stuff we’ve written for students below.

Staying out of student debt or at the very least minimizing the amount of it you have to take on is the first step in building a sound financial foundation.  That sounds really boring, but it’s true.  If you want nice stuff and to being this whole investing thing sooner rather than later, it is essential you not max out credit cards, lines of credit, and student loans while in school.  We spent way too many years in the ivory tower of post-secondary education (yay letters behind your name), but both of us managed to graduate debt free despite learning too much the hard way.  We want to help you avoid our mistakes and use further education as a springboard to success, not a ball and chain of interest on student debt every month.

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