Credit Cards and Rewards Points

Credit Cards and Reward Points

The first rule of credit cards isn’t “Never Use Them”, it’s simply to pay the balance every month.  If you’re not paying your balance off every month on your credit card, that absolutely needs to be your first step.  In fact, it’s so important, minimize this site and go do it right now!

Ok, now that you’re all squared away on your monthly balance, you are ready to start getting paid to buy stuff you were going to buy anyway, and earning back for each dollar you spend (i.e. “Credit Card Rewards”).

My credit card gives me over $1,500 worth of “free” credit card rewards every year for an annual card fee of $120 – and I’ve never paid a cent of interest.  Read on to see our reviews of the best cards on the Canadian market today.  We have inspected a diversity of cards – from travel rewards, to cards that give great cash back, cards specific to loyalty programs like the Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmaprix Optimum Program, and even no-fee credit cards.  Read a few and find out which Canadian credit card is best for you!

Best Canadian Credit Cards 2017

Below is a list of what I believe are some of the best Canadian credit cards available today. I haven’t covered a whole lot of them, but instead focused on covering the ones I know and think are top-notch. I put a particular focus on  things like credit card rewards, overall brand credibility, annual fees, flexibility, and banking integration.

This is why I particularly like one credit card and deem it as the Top Credit Card in Canada – at least in my opinion (and if you don’t want to pay an annual fee for your credit card – which a lot of Canadians don’t).

Tangerine Bank Credit Card

My favourite card is issued by the best online bank in Canada: Tangerine Bank (which I have thoroughly reviewed here). The quick and easy review:

1) No Annual Fee – Perfect for people who hate the idea of paying to use a credit card or who don’t spend enough on their credit cards to justify a $120+ annual fee.

2) It’s a cash back card where the cash goes straight to your Tangerine account – super easy. No points to keep track of etc.

3) The flexibility of the card is an excellent feature in that it lets you pick 2 categories to get a full 2% cash back on – thus allowing you to use the card in areas you tend to spend the most.

4) It integrates seamlessly with the whole low-cost Tangerine banking system.

5) As a negative – it only allows for .5% back on purchases other than your 2 chosen categories – so it’s best when paired up with another card and used in tandem.

We rated it 4.3 on our Complete Tangerine Bank Credit Card Review.

Sign Up to Get 2% Cash Back

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