So much has happened in the past six years since I started this blog!  I can’t believe I have the great fortune to be able to make this decision (finally).  Although it didn’t turn out to be with who I thought it would be (life always throws you a curve ball right) I am very grateful things turned out the way they did and have utmost faith now to not force things when they don’t want to be forced, and that life falls into place and you will be with who you are meant to be with.

So, now I am engaged (whoopee!) finally in my 30’s, you know, just like Leonardio DiCaprio finally won an Oscar, and we are discussing what we would like to do for our wedding.  Reading back on some of my posts about destination weddings and traditional stay at home weddings and wedding budgets, I am glad that I have not strayed too far from my original values!  I was pondering between destination weddings, at home weddings, and even eloping and reviewed the pros and cons for each.  I think I was leaning towards a traditional stay at home wedding but when I think about it I don’t think I will feel comfortable with having a wedding in Vancouver because there isn’t a venue that I feel is ‘the one’ in Vancouver.

With the cost of weddings creeping up (alongside wedding inflation of course), the average cost of weddings has increased from when I did my last research about which one is cheaper (by about $5000, $1000 for every year, hmm!).


Running the numbers and speaking with my friend who is planning a traditional ‘at-home’ wedding, it is without a doubt that the destination wedding is cheaper.  Of course, it can be more expensive (depending on if we paid for our guests hotel for a night or two, or if we decided to use a different venue), especially if you invite the same number of people as you would for an at-home wedding.  One of our main criteria (e.g. needs) is to keep it under budget.  Of course, we would be adamant that our guests at the wedding not bring any gifts monetary or otherwise to the wedding because it is already a financial and trip burden for them to come all the way to the destination wedding.  There will be no gift giving at our future destination wedding.

Our Dislike for Being the Centre of Attention

My partner and I are both introverted and don’t like being the centre of attention.  Parties exhaust us and the thought of 100+ pairs of eyes focusing on myself and my partner makes my palms sweat.  If we were able to half that number (even 50 makes my hands sweat but not so much I suppose) that would make us feel more comfortable.

Close Friends and Family

I’ve been to some big weddings and you barely get time to say congratulations to the bride and groom let alone have some one-on-one non-small talk discussion with them.  With a destination wedding, we hope to have time to spend more with our close friends and family and hope that our friends and family get to know one another too.  Some of my close friends have never been to our chosen destination wedding location so it will be exciting to spend time with them there.

Our Favourite Place

Finally, the destination we are thinking about having our destination wedding is Hawaii.  Hawaii is my fiancees favourite place in the world.  He likes it so much sometimes he travels twice a year to Hawaii.  I have been there a few times too (I think four) and have enjoyed it each time I went.  The idea of standing in the sun with a tropical breeze flowing with the scent of plumeria flowers while saying “I Do” is just a perfect dream for me.  Besides, the weather in Vancouver is often unpredictable.  Of course, I have always wanted to have the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole play at my wedding ceremony.  That song is so beautiful, it often brings tears to my eyes 🙂

Anyone gotten married in Hawaii?  Any tips for the future nuptuals in Hawaii?