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I was a busy bee in the past quarter and my dividend portfolio was busy too, it seems.  I was productive this quarter considering in my last update I don’t really think I had much to update. In hindsight maybe a bit TOO productive, I can barely keep track of what I did.

Changes to the Dividend Portfolio

In terms of changes with my dividend portfolio and selling off dividend stocks, there were a few changes including having Exchange Income Fund (EIF.TO) which had been a long time dividend darling for me sell off through my stop limit order.  I guess the problem with stop limit orders is that you accidentally sell something that will bounce back (as in this case, it was triggered to sell at just under $20 and now it is over $23 again.  I will need to think about how to fix this problem, perhaps have lower stop limit settings?

I also bought Canadian Oil Sands (COS.TO) and then the stop limit order set off in November.  I proceeded to rebuy it again (and bought double the shares).  I also bought TECK (just a few shares of this) as I know it is a risky stock but it pays a decent dividend.  I also bought a few more shares of NYSE:T AT&T which all the US dollars I could muster in my RRSP account.

In addition, I rebalanced some of my TFSA portfolio right after the last update (you know, since i felt to guilty I did nothing last time), then I rebalanced my RRSP portfolio and my non-registered portfolio.  When I mean rebalance, I mean by more shares.

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In terms of increase or decrease in dividend income from the companies, there wasn’t much change at all, no increase in dividends unfortunately.  At least there weren’t many companies that had a decrease in dividend income.

If you want to make your own spreadsheet, check out my snazzy ‘step by step guide on how to make a dividend income spreadsheet’

Looking Back

I don’t usually look back because I usually am full of regret (such as selling Visa at $88 and now it is over $200…) but thought it would be interesting to check what Just Energy is at currently.

Just a quick check and I see that Just Energy (JE.TO) which I sold off last update (it triggered a stop limit order at $6) is STILL $6.  Well, just like moldy fruit… I am glad to have gotten rid of that one.

Goals for the Dividend Portfolio

Here is a recap of some of the goals I had in June and for September (in italics for your reading pleasure) alongside the action I took:

  • Buy more dividend paying stocks for my TFSA with the roughly $7000 sitting in there
    • I did this, I bought TECK.B.TO and COS.TO.  I still have some money sitting around for anything else that I might be interested in buying.
    • I am tempted to buy more shares in HSE.TO (Husky) as I have 107 shares at present and it is Dripped.
    • I did buy more XDV, CPD, CYH, XTR in my TFSA.
  • Another goal for the next three months would involve trying to get to $5500 annual dividend payout (how awesome would that be, a $5500 annual dividend payout is really like an extra $450 a month!)
    • Woooooot!  As you can see below in my lovely chart that will require you to grab your reading glasses, I have made it over the $5500 annual dividend payout magic number, over by $100
    • Perhaps for next year I will make $6000 my annual dividend payout goal, or even $6500, which would be well over $500 a month (approximately) in dividend payouts

Here is my dividend income spreadsheet for December 2014!  As you can see, the annual yield column has been tidied up immensely, thank greatly to the excellent Excel tip from the guy that I am seeing (swoon!) on how to calculate annual yields in a spreadsheet.

My average annual yield for my dividend portfolio (spread across TFSA, RRSP, and non-registered accounts) is at 4.65%, which is pretty decent.  Not too high, not too low…

Readers, how is your dividend portfolio coming along? Do you have an annual dividend income goal as well?  What is your average annual yield for your dividend portfolio?

Article comments

Kenneth Caesar Ponce says:

Hello. Awesome job on your annual dividend income. Question for you, do you mind letting me know what is the total book value of all those dividend paying stocks that you have?

Congratulations on achieving over $5600 in annual dividend income throughout 2014. I’ll be following along throughout 2015 to see if you can reach your annual dividend goal.

Best of luck and happy holidays.

Tawcan says:

You’re doing great. Definitely a good idea to take advantage of the recent price drop in energy sector. We’ll be hitting our 2014 dividend goal this month, just on time. Need to determine our dividend goal for 2015 still. 🙂