In my last dividend income update in March 2014, I had a couple of goals.  I also bought (surprising to me) a lot more exchange traded funds than I thought I did, to the point that updating this excel spreadsheet has been a little on the ridiculous side (I had to add a number of rows to my dividend income spreadsheet).  If you want to  make your own spreadsheet, check out my snazzy ‘step by step guide on how to make a dividend income spreadsheet

In the past three months, some companies increased their dividends, and one or two companies cut their dividend.  It was nice getting practice using an Excel spreadsheet (like a few hours of practice unfortunately-it takes me that long to update these charts!).  If you don’t use it you lose it, right? 🙂

Here is a recap of some of the goals I had (in italics for your reading pleasure) alongside the action I took:

  • Consider re-buying NLY at reduced price for a maximum 100 shares
    • I have done this, I bought 100 shares of NLY for the price of $11.15.  My annual dividend yield at this price is 10.76%.  A little steep and a little crazy for income but I guess I like to gamble sometimes.
  • Considering buying some shares in AT&T (NYSE: T) the dividend yield is a robust 5.72% (maybe a little too high actually) and it is very close to the 52 week low- of course, I would put this in my RRSP because of the taxes involved if I were to put it in my non-registered account.  I would only buy under 50 shares in this.
    • I did this and bought 45 shares for $32.00.  The current price is around $35.32 (at time of writing) which gives me approximately a healthy 10% gain.
  • Buying more exchange traded funds (ETFs)
    • Holy toledo did I do this in the past few months!
    • I bought ZDV, VUS, VEF, CLF
  • Research some good dividend paying stocks for the roughly $6000 in cash that I currently have in my TFSA Tax Free Trading Account
    • I now have around $7000 sitting in my TFSA, I tried to buy more EIF when it dipped but it bounced back again.
    • This will be on my ‘to-do’ list action plan for next dividend update- buy some stuff for my TFSA
  • My current annual dividend income is just over $4500- I would like to see this over $5000, maybe even around $5500 if I am ambitious!
    • As of this month’s update, my annual dividend income is approximately $5200.  I have $300 more in dividends per year to achieve my $5500 annual dividend income goal
  • I am going to look into selling Transalta (TSE: TA) depending on how it performs and how much I am up or down in the stock.  I only have 100 shares anyways.
    • I didn’t do anything about this.  The dividend is even crappier than last time.
  • The exchange traded fund CPD isn’t doing that well, but the dividends are ok and have offset the losses that I have had (well, imaginary losses since I have not sold)
    • It bounced back up and I am happy happy happy.
  • BCE increased their dividends- now it pays out $2.47 per share on an annual basis


  • Buy more dividend paying stocks for my TFSA with the roughly $7000 sitting in there
    • I might look into buying another bank since Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) has done so well for me (I am up $1700+ in this for now), like Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM.TO) or National Bank (NA.TO)
    • I might look into buying another energy related share
    • Or add more positions into the exchange traded funds I already hold in the Tax Free Savings Account
  • Another goal for the next three months would involve trying to get to $5500 annual dividend payout (how awesome would that be, a $5500 annual dividend payout is really like an extra $450 a month!)

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Alright, enough babbling.  If you want, you can check out my labour of love June Dividend Income Excel Spreadsheet below!  Apologies for the small print, I had figure out some way to get all the dividends in there (through shrinking my MacBookPro screen haha)!

Readers, how is your dividend portfolio coming along?  Do you have an annual dividend income goal as well?

Article comments

Trev says:

Thanks for the excellent write ups regarding your TFSA situation. I’ve been disappointed in the returns from it just sitting in an ING account so I just opened up a Questrade account and moved it all in there. After quite a bit of research I think I’m going to go your route and opt for a dividend paying spread of investments. I’m way behind you right now but it’s sure better than what I was getting. Let’s just say I wish I had kept my Apple stock I bought in October 1996. I’d be a very very rich man today 🙁

Kyle says:

An Apple a day…

SomeGuy says: 2 cents if you are interested…if not, hey, it cost you nothing!

I’m not sure if you have a clear approach in your selections.

1) Take a step back and consider what you want as an overall asset allocation (how much in bonds, banks, utilities, pipelines, etc.)

2) Then, evaluate your current holdings to see where there are variances from your desired allocation

3) Find stocks / etfs that help you achieve your allocation

4) Focus less on yield and more on quality of yield and growth of the income (over time this will benefit you more)

Your current portfolio appears to be a mix of some overlapping ETFs that I suspect you purchased due to the $0 commissions offered by the brokers…

I’m not sure so many diff ETFs are needed…

Young says:

@SG- Thanks! I know, it’s terrible I have a lot of different assets. No real method to my madness. It’s on the to-do list.

That’s awesome that you have a 4.7% average payout. And over $5k a year! What is your ultimate goal? We’re trying to get to $30,000/yr. That would basically cover our annual expenses. Still a ways to go though.

Thanks for sharing your dividend portfolio. 🙂 You do have a great goal. Good job!

David says:

If you are not ETFed out have a look at SDIV. Not without its risks but it has a dividend yield of about 6%. It’s had about an 18% run up this past year so I’d wait for a buying opportunity and put it in an RRSP since it’s US listed.

Young says:

@David- cool thanks!

Phil says:

Readers, how is your dividend portfolio coming along? Do you have an annual dividend income goal as well? Well, I’m not necessarily a dividend guy… I mean I look to overall gains… Since I do not work, I’m okay with capital gains as I pay low taxes, so I invest in growth/momentum companies. Some I hold long term, and others are traded when they rise or fall to my pre-set goals. I’m also not an ETF guy as I like to get down and dirty in the decision making more than that. Couple of my high flyers this year PHO, AYA, BYD.UN, XTC, ACQ to name a few… A few of my poor picks NCI, AVO (although it’s coming back…), CXS… I’m doing far better than expected and actually over my predicted goal for the year, so I’m pretty happy. Do what works for you, but do it, as sitting waiting wondering, never made anyone money… Oh ya, and to my long term goal, remain not having to work :)- Cheers.