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Half the year is already over and it’s time of the June 2016 Dividend Income Update.

For my June 2016 Dividend Income Update, I was able to increase my dividend income by over 6.9% from last update.  It sounds like a lot, but to be frank, it is only about a $300 increase from three months ago.  My goal for the end of 2016 was to have $6000 in annual dividend income, which represents about $500 dividend income per month.  Currently I have about $4600.  I’ve still got about $1400 in dividend income to go.  Although I was able to increase my dividend income, I am very far off from the goal of $6000, considering half the year is almost over.  Last update I only increased it by about $300 from the previous update too, so this must be somewhat of a trend.

Not too much has changed since the last dividend income update in March 2016.  i haven’t bought more individual stocks but have increased my exchange traded funds.  I haven’t bought more National Bank (NA.TO) shares even though I said I was planning to last update, but I am seriously considering it before the next update because my dividend income is too low and too slow with simply purchasing exchange traded funds.  Now, I have certainly learned my lesson to not simply chase dividend yield (ZPR or CPD, anyone?) for the sake of yield…but this is going a bit too slowly for my liking.  Another option is purchasing more Sun Life Financial (SLF.TO).  I have just 105 shares and have held these for years.

Changes to the Dividend Portfolio

Here are the changes the dividend portfolio since March 2016.  There aren’t that many as you can see.

According to BNN, Husky (HSE.TO) announced that they will be bringing back the dividend (instead of increasing shares) thankfully.  HSE has reached business agreements in worth $2.8 billion this year, so Husky is not doing too shabby.  They initially changed it from dividend distribution to shares because the price of oil was so low and things were really tanking.  Now that the price of oil has rebounded a little bit, Husky said they will bring back the dividend income.  Hopefully this happens before the end of the year.  For simplicity (and my ego’s) sake I have kept the dividend income as ‘income’ instead of taking it out from the chart.

SNC Lavalin  (SNC.TO) , a consulting engineer and construction company based out of Montreal, Quebec, increased the dividend from $0.25/share to $0.26/share which is an increase of 4%.   The P/E is now over 18 and the dividend yield per year is 1.95%.  My unrealized profits have been over 25% from my purchase price, so SNC.TO is doing quite well in my Tax Free Savings Account portfolio, however, keep in mind I only have 50 shares, haha.

For VXUS (Vanguard Total International Stock Fund) although I increased the number of shares owned, the dividend payout decreased slightly.

Other than those adjustments indicated above, there haven’t been any other changes to the dividend income portfolio.  It’s been slowly coming along.

If you would also like to track your dividends, and if you want to make your own spreadsheet, check out my snazzy ‘step by step guide on how to make a dividend income spreadsheet’.

Goals for the Dividend Portfolio

As mentioned in my Personal Finance Resolutions for 2016, I hope to have $6000 a year of passive income (at least) by the end of 2016.  I will need to invest $45,000 over the in my trifecta of exchange traded funds to add to my current dividend portfolio to create the $6000 of passive income.  Currently I am sitting at about 26% of my portfolio in individual stocks, so I am not allowed to purchase anymore as it might skew it even more.  I told myself in my investor contract that I will keep it to under 25% individual stocks and have the rest in exchange traded funds.  So I’ve been contributing to my trifecta, and as that goes up then I add in a little here and there of individual stocks.

Here is my screenshot update for June 2016:

June 2016 Dividend Income Update

Readers, how has your dividend portfolio been doing?

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rafael says:

Hi, you might want to update your portfolio spreadsheet to include .to to your canadian stocks. It can be confusing. BMO is traded on both NYSE and TSX and while ESI is a very popular penny stock on the NYSE it’s something else completely on the TSX. It might be tedious to do but it could be helpful

I don’t think it is helping you to make goals related to things you can’t control. You can control your saving rate and the amount of new money you add to your savings, but you can’t control the dividend payouts of the companies and ETFs you own.