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The Dyson DC33 vacuum really sucks… Which is want you want in a vacuum right?

Terrible suction puns aside, I was pretty happy when a nice lady offered to send me a new vacuum cleaner (exclusive to Walmart!) in order to test it out and let you all know if it was good or not – and then to give one away to a loyal reader!  I’m always amazed at how many people check out the other article we wrote several years ago on Dyson vacuums, so I guess folks want to know what is out there in terms of high-quality cleaning options.

I should come clean (man, I’m on a roll today) about the fact that I don’t hold myself up as a vacuum connoisseur.  I’ve gotten by so far in my life by using relatively cheap vacuum cleaners, and then a fairly high-end one I inherited from my grandma several years ago (and that is soon for a dirty living room in the sky).  Consequently, my comparison points are fairly limited.

I’m also not exactly a neat freak.  My wife and I like to keep things tidy and we do the usual middle-class thing of furiously cleaning when we’re about to entertain – but we’re not obsessive by any stretch.  We wanted a vacuum that wouldn’t break the bank, stands up over time, and has great suction.  That’s it.  As a big guy, I don’t worry about the weight of a vacuum and I rarely use all the fancy add-ons some vacuums now come with.  Allowing for the fact that my standards bar isn’t that high, the Dyson DC33 from Walmart easily cleared it – and then some.

885609006581_1Dyson DC33 Features and Description

  • Relatively lightweight at under 18 pounds.
  • Easy to carry, upright vacuum that cleans well on both the carpet and laminate flooring in our house.
  • Bagless system allows for simple cleaning and easy visual confirmation of suction capacity.
  • Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology looks cool, and can really suck. We got stuff out of our carpets that clearly had been there entirely too long.  Dyson claims that because of their innovation and quick patent work, they are the only ones with this technology and that because there are no small holes to worry about clogging, it will maintain suction for much longer than other vacuums.  I don’t know about all of that science stuff, but I can tell you that after using the vacuum for several weeks, that it sucks up more than any vacuum I’ve ever used.
  • Telescopic Reach want extends 15.7 feet and comes fully assembled. That being said, it isn’t the sturdiest attachment known to mankind.
  • The most important feature for me is the standard Dyson 5-year warranty for parts and labour. This is why the Dyson name has become synonymous with high quality and good value.
  • The DC33 is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of America.
  • Dyson touts the durable construction of their products, and a late night stumble followed by a subsequent CRASH would support that assertion. After a few seconds of minor panic from my wife, we determined the vacuum was none the worse for wear.  My toe would like to mention that it isn’t a good idea to test the product in this fashion.
  • Super long cord that easily reached areas I had trouble getting to before.
  • Stair-cleaning features work superbly.


While the Dyson DC33 did everything I asked of it, here are a few minor issues that I had, and that I read about when I checked out some reviews on Amazon.com.

  • The upright nature of the vacuum and relatively bulky design at the bottom make it difficult to get underneath shallow ledges and furniture.
  • The wand isn’t that high quality. I often just disconnected and used the flexible suction tube by itself – which worked great.
  • Some folks found it a bit heavy. I guess it’s all relative.  I’m a big dude and don’t consider 18 pounds all that much to lug around.
  • Washing the HEPA filter every three months is two minutes of your life you’ll never get back, but it’s pretty quick and painless – much easier and cheaper than buying bags or investing in a central vac system.

Ultimately, I think the Dyson name and warranty at a reasonable price point of $398 offers pretty good value.  While I could probably continue to get by with something that isn’t quite as fancy, it is a really nice luxury to not have to go over well-travelled spots on the sofa and carpet 4 or 5 times.

If you would rather not shell out the cash for a vacuum cleaner that looks like it came from the future, but still want to see if this whole “Dyson thing” is as big a deal as the clean freak in your office says it is, then simple head over to our Mega Giveaway.  Giving yourself up to twenty chances to win is relatively quick and painless.  In addition to the Dyson DC33 that Walmart graciously contributed, we have tons of other products and services just waiting for your entries!

Article comments

DJ says:

I have an old, heavy vacuum & would love to replace it with a Dyson! My husband has been checking them out over the last few years, but we just haven’t “bit the bullet” yet. How exciting it would be to win one?

On a side note, thank you for your newsletters! We are not young & thrifty, but retired & soon to be retired and still trying to figure things out. Some of your advice is helpful for us too. We might even open an ETF account once we have read your e-book. Thanks for the free sdvice?

Kyle says:

Awesome DJ! Good luck. Don’t be shy if you have any questions.

Carole Dunsford says:

I have an older Dyson cannister and love it.. I’d love to have another one to gift my daughter when she moves out. She is more neat freak than me

Kyle says:

That’s a pretty nice quality to have in a daughter Carole! You must be sad to see her move out.