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Everyone’s got a theory on how to make more money, hit the latest investment, or control spending.  Most people aren’t willing to pull back the curtain and reveal if they follow their own “expert advice” however.  Check out the Net Worth Updates from one member of our team who isn’t shy about revealing her personal financial victories and setbacks.

You can go all the way back and follow her story as a young adult fresh out of university and read all the way to today’s slightly-older-but-still-very-young adult who has taken on investing for herself and has managed to both enter an exit Vancouver’s sizzling real estate market.

She lets you in on what her investment portfolio looks like, how she spends money from month-to-month, and gives some great examples on how to calculate where you are at in terms of your overall financial picture.

Looking for inspiration, check out the first few posts, and then fast forward to today’s numbers.  If you’re still not sure that this stuff works or if it’s worth it, then you might not understand how math works.

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6 ways to measure financial fitness

6 Ways That Aren’t Net Worth to Determine If You’re Financially Fit

Human beings are perpetually consumed with comparing ourselves to each other. Whether it’s wishing we looked like the actors or actresses on TV, or enviously looking across the street at our neighbour’s shiny new RV and then longingly glancing back to our used tent trailer from the seventies, we can oftentimes feel like we’re being…

March 2017 Net Worth Update

March 2017 Net Worth Update: $464,400 (+2.1%)

This is a very special and sentimental ‘net worth update' for me because it's going to be my last update, on Young and Thrifty. It is also a special update because we are expecting a baby in the summer! It was a pleasure creating this website way back in 2009 and wonderful to have the…

February 2017 Net Worth Update: +$2200 (+0.5%)

February 2017 Net Worth Update: +$2200 (+0.5%)

One whole month into 2017 already!  How have your personal finance resolutions been going?  Nothing too exciting this month, markets are pretty flat.  Something else is exciting happening in my husband and I's life and it will be a life and game changer! My personal finance goal for 2017 is to reach $475,000 by 2018,…

January 2017 Net Worth Update

January 2017 Net Worth Update $452,500 (+13%)

2016 was a stellar year, I must say (well not for the rest of the world I suppose, but it was for my portfolio)! I increased my net worth by $68,330 from last year's update and reached my annual goal of increase my net worth to $420,000, that's a 17.8% increase from last year's January 2016…

October 2016 Net Worth Update

October 2016 Net Worth Update $423,770 (+0.4%)

I can't believe the year is almost over.  It's already time for Halloween.  Next thing you know, it's time for Christmas and New Years again. This month was definitely not as exciting as last month (+$5000) or the month before that (+$10,000), but I will take a positive $1500…it's better than a negative value. We…

September 2016 Net Worth Update

September 2016 Net Worth Update: $422,250 (+1.32%)

With four months to go, I surprised myself (well maybe the market surprised me) with achieving my goal a few months early.  Who knows however, the market might be a little crazy before the end of the year, maybe another crash is coming.  We are about 8-9 years since the last one so perhaps it…

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