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Everyone’s got a theory on how to make more money, hit the latest investment, or control spending.  Most people aren’t willing to pull back the curtain and reveal if they follow their own “expert advice” however.  Check out the Net Worth Updates from one member of our team who isn’t shy about revealing her personal financial victories and setbacks.

You can go all the way back and follow her story as a young adult fresh out of university and read all the way to today’s slightly-older-but-still-very-young adult who has taken on investing for herself and has managed to both enter an exit Vancouver’s sizzling real estate market.

She lets you in on what her investment portfolio looks like, how she spends money from month-to-month, and gives some great examples on how to calculate where you are at in terms of your overall financial picture.

Looking for inspiration, check out the first few posts, and then fast forward to today’s numbers.  If you’re still not sure that this stuff works or if it’s worth it, then you might not understand how math works.

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Net Worth Update

July 2016 Networth update: $406, 580 (+1.1%)

Not too bad considering I was out of the country for two weeks!  Sometimes being out of the country is better though as I tend to spend less when I am traveling (depending on where I am traveling to of course!).  This month I had the auto insurance payment to contend with and also had…

June 2016 Net Worth Update

June 2016 Net Worth Update: $402,170 (+2.1%)

Yay! Finally broke the $400K barrier! It feels nice when the markets do so well, who says sell in May go away? (Well, I am just waiting for the summer dip because it usually does happen).  Including my contributions towards my pension, I have over $450K, it will be nice to reach that halfway point.…

Net Worth Update

May 2016 Net Worth Update $393,900 +1%

Just up $2800.  Ideally it would be over the $3000 mark, but that's okay.  It's a bit slower than anticipated, but at least it is in the positive territory, I will tell myself that 🙂 The big thing this month is me paying the annual pre-payment towards my mortgage.  It was a nice feeling especially…

April 2016 Net worth Update +0.98%

Yippee!  In the positive territory this month again. Hopefully I will break $400K in a few months time at this rate.  My goal for the end of 2016 as one of my personal finance resolutions is to reach $420,000 in net worth.  Hopefully I will be able to make it, but with a wedding to…

Net Worth Update

March 2016 Net Worth Update (+1.1%)

Lots has happened in February!  I am very thankful that I am in the positive territory and finally made my net worth goal of more than $385,000 in March 2016 haha.  Just a few months late but whatevs! Haha. I am very grateful the market ended on a high note on Friday when I did…

Net Worth Update

February 2016 Net Worth Update- (-0.2%)

Well, I am starting off the new year going backwards haha!  Let's hope that this trend of negative net worth updates does not continue and is short lived. I had a lot of expenses and purchases in January (namely a trip!) and I had to break my shopping ban for the month by purchasing an…