Now that I've had over a year of freelancing, I thought I would share what my thoughts are on the pros and cons of freelancing and blogging

It’s been over a year since I passed the torch of this blog over to the tried and true Justin and Kyle who have seemed to take this blog to new heights.  With the torch passing, Justin and Kyle gave me the option of staying on an writing as a freelancer on my old blog.

Now that I’ve had over a year of freelancing, I thought I would share what my thoughts are on the pros and cons of freelancing and blogging (e.g. hosting your own website and writing for it) in case people are thinking about one or the other, or are at a crossroads like I was a few years ago with my blog.

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Pros of Freelancing

The great thing that I have found with “freelancing” is that I don’t have to worry about the micromanaging piece.  I remember spending hours upon hours researching how to fix something with HTML.  I spent so much time on that it was kind of ridiculous.  I don’t have to worry about discarding spam comments too.  I remember spending maybe 1-2 hours on my blog on a daily basis (haha no wonder my relationship disintegrated! My hobby was overtaking my life!) for the 2.5 years that I had it.  Sometimes even more.  It got so intense that I remember logging in from an Internet cafe in an obscure location (I think it was Nepal) meanwhile trying to make sure that the friends I was traveling with didn’t see my WordPress screen because I wanted to keep my anonymity.  Now, I get to be creative and I get to write posts in one chunk or when I have time.  The flexibility is very nice with freelancing.  I also don’t have to worry about logging into WordPress when I am traveling (haha, can you say L for “loser”?).

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Pros of Blogging

Of course, the money is better with blogging.  I also found negotiating with advertisers quite amusing and entertaining as well.  When I was blogging, I really felt like I was part of a community and I kept in touch with a lot of the other bloggers much more, I was more invested in commenting on their blogs.  Now I find that I lurk on their blogs on twitter but am too lazy to comment because I am usually on my iPhone LOL.  I am there in spirit though! Just not in writing.

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With blogging, I often didn’t have to have as many posts available because many people would want to guest post.  However, I do enjoy writing posts and trying to be creative with the freelancing aspect.

However, one of the cons of blogging is that it takes a lot of effort, time, patience in order to be successful (and of course, well written posts..right? lol).  I remember thinking that I wanted to quit many times but I persevered and in the end I am glad I did.  Creating a blog was fun and I learned a lot about myself through it.

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Another pro is that you are your own boss.  Which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how boss-like you like to be lol.

The Verdict?

In summary, I am glad I handed it over to the capable and talented Justin and Kyle.  With full-time school, part-time work and a disintegrating relationship, it was really difficult to keep up with the blog.  I remember staying up until 1:00 to 2:00am consistently to make sure that there was a post scheduled, and to make sure that I commented back on the comments.  It was a lot of work but it was also very rewarding because I could see the growth in the blog.  I also realized that I may not be cut out to be a business owner of sorts because I am the type of person who has really high expectations for myself and doesn’t like seeing a plateau in growth… but at the same time, I was not committed to make the blog grow more because I did not have the time to and because school came first.

Readers, for those of you who have dabbled in both, which one do you prefer… freelancing or blogging?

Article comments

dojo says:

I am currently doing both. Freelancing is still paying our bills, since it accounts for most of my online earnings, but I also love running sites of my own. It keeps my creativity sharp and it allows me to see life as a webmaster, not just someone who works for the clients.

I would love the blog to start earning more and slowly relief me of some of my work. Running a blog is not that difficult, if you have experience with it, so, making it earn me more would actually mean more money for the same amount of work. We’ll see …

I prefer a more hybrid model. Part blogging part freelancing.
By any account blogging can be tough, the hours can get crazy fast and I suppose the more successful one gets blogging the more the hours you might need to maintain the blog. Its very rewarding though as you well know.
Freelancing on the other hand might not be too time consuming, but you’ll have to find the clients or go over job-boards, it can be an uphill task at first, not to mention now you’ll have someone checking over your work, deadlines and all. Still, it can be very flexible.
Hybrid, your blog becomes sorta your online resume, getting freelancing gigs becomes a tad easier, you enjoy best of both worlds, well, apart from the time constraint!