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I must admit, finding a solution to my snoring is a bit annoying because nothing seems to work well.  Deep inside, I am worried that my snoring may be the cause of a future relationship breakdown, haha, arguing about money is not an issue, it will probably be the snoring!

I downloaded the Snore Lab app (which is free but you can’t record it every night on the free version, it gives you a snore report… quite amazing as it records your snoring and plays snippets back for you) and thought it would be a good idea to check another alternative to the Z Quiet device that I reviewed a few months ago since that didn’t seem to be working that well.

The other issue with the Z Quiet was that I was also getting some jaw clicking and discomfort because the Z Quiet device makes my lower jaw protrude a bit during sleep.

Good Morning Snore Solution

I was doing some Google researching and stumbled upon this ‘tongue retainer’ device called Good Morning Snore Solution.  The Snore Lab app seems to also give good reviews for tongue retainer device, in that the loudness of the snoring is decreased (per users self reports).  Good Morning Snore Solution was created by a dentist in Alberta and it was initially marketed under the name MPowRx.  I suppose it got bought out by Good Morning Snore Solution to sell in the United States and Australia, in addition to Canada.

What attracted me to the Good Morning Snore Solution was the novel concept of a tongue retainer device (whoever thought of the idea is pretty smart) and that it is one of the only snoring devices backed up by clinical research and it is also approved by Health Canada.

How it Works

How the Good Morning Snore Solution works is that it is a soft pliable piece of plastic that has a bulb.  You apply suction to the bulb and it creates a vacuum seal with your tongue.  Because your tongue is kept protruded forward in this vacuum bulb, it prevents the tongue from falling back into your throat causing the vibrating of your throat and the snoring sound.  Pretty ingenious if you ask me because it seems like such a simple concept.  It’s so simple that it looks like a pacifier.


The great thing about the Good Morning Snore Solution is that it is easily packable, it is pliable, and that it was easy to use.  It was pretty comfortable too and I didn’t get soreness in my jaw from wearing it overnight.  It comes with at 30 day warranty, however, I should have taken advantage of that warranty (see cons below).  You also don’t need to boil the mouthpiece in water and then mould the shape to your mouth (some other dental appliances you do).


There are a few cons to the Good Morning Snore Solution.  Firstly, there aren’t many bad or negative reviews about the Good Morning Snore Solution especially on websites or blogs which makes it seem kind of fishy.  Now, this might be a good thing because it means that people really are happy about this appliance.  Or it could be a negative thing meaning that there is some bias and perhaps reviews are not completely honest since they are being compensated with the product or with a rebate.  In addition, I found that the plastic was a bit big for my mouth and they seem to only have one size fits all.  The other issue is that it’s just one size, and it seems a little difficult to customize.  They do not condone trimming the Good Morning Sleep solution device because it may irritate the gum even more.  It also presses up against the gums which further limits the blood flow and seems to worsen my receding gums.

My Conclusions

In conclusion, I wish I had my $145 that i paid for the Good Morning Snore Solution back, but using this device is better than nothing (which is full blown loud snoring), so I’ll take what I can get.  I think it works slightly but isn’t the ‘miraculous’ creation that the website seems to claim.

Readers, do you snore? Have you tried the Good Morning Snore Solution?  What are your thoughts- does it work for you?

Article comments

Mrs. Groovy says:

I’d be afraid some of those devices might move your teeth over time. As the wife of a heavy snorer, one thing that has worked well for me, is injected molded earplugs. I had them made for me at a gun range. They cost around $60 and block sound 10 times better than any others. And I’ve tried many.

Young says:

@Mrs Groovy- Hmm good to know, I’ll look into it. Are they comfortable?

Mrs. Groovy says:

Yes. I also bought a lubricant at earplug superstore, which makes it easier to insert them. It also helps form a good seal.

Rachel says:

As the partner of someone who snores off and on, yup it is annoying.
The good news is that as soon as he drops below a certain weight, he mostly stops snoring. Other than extreme fatigue or lots of alcohol, his snoring will just stop being an issue. Usually he will just shed a few pounds and he is back to feeling well rested and energetic… as do I.
Another good reason to try to maintain a reasonable weight.
May not work for everyone but worth a try.

Young says:

@Rachel- I am probably on the low end of the BMI scale so it’s not always about weight being the causative factor of snoring unfortunately.

A says:

If snoring is an issue for you, are you that you don’t have some form of sleep apnea? Perhaps you should look into doing a sleep study at a local clinic to rule it out.

Young says:

@A- Yup, I might do that, though my snore lab reports sound okay, I don’t have periods where I stop breathing however better to check though!