How Much is that Doggy Wedding In the Window?

Every PF blogger has been talking about weddings these days.  No surprise because it’s wedding season I suppose.  According to the Globe and Mail, the average cost of weddings these days in Canada is $23,000. Some weddings I know of have even surpassed $50,000 or $100,000  (I know the wonderful lady that does my eyebrows saved up for years and years to be able to fund her child’s wedding).

As someone who is not married and likely (I hope these seven years with my boyfriend amount to something!) getting married in the next few years, I have day dreamed about what my future wedding might look like.

A Society’s Obsession with Weddings

I used to be obsessed about weddings and would watch The Learning Channel’s (remember when you actually learned something from TLC?)  The Wedding Story many times over.  I would analyze the facial expression of the bride and groom as they got married and would check for signs of doubt or true love.  I even had a theory that if the groom cried when he saw the bride walk down the aisle, it meant that he was madly in love with her.  This theory hasn’t been proven of course, it’s just the aftermath of my zany thinking.  I know, I needed to get a life.

cost of wedding in CanadaWeddings are about celebration.  They are about tradition.  They are about emotions, family, and friends.  I can see why $23,000 would be important to ensure that a great party is hosted and that your wedding guests have a great time.  I know that a beautiful wedding is every woman’s dream and that each bride would want their wedding to be absolutely perfect.

Is it really that important though?

Is a “dream wedding” so important that a couple would want to spend $23,000 on a wedding?

$23,000 can get you a lot of things.  It can get you a decent car (perhaps a minivan or station wagon for all the future kids that you’ll be having LOL).  It can get you a decent down payment on a condo or a house depending on where you live.  It can get one of you through school (again depending on where you live) for two years.  It amounts to a lot of mortgage and rent payments.

Considering that these days 37% of marriages end up in divorce (but this might be 50% nowadays- or at least that’s what I hear).  Is it that important to spend $23,000 on a wedding?  Are those memories of that one single day in your lives worth the price tag?

I personally don’t think so.  I guess I’m not much for entertaining anyways.  I would rather ensure that the $28,000 goes towards making our new life together, our marriage, less stressful.

Weddings Represent a Transition… But to What?

Marriages are vulnerable in the first two years after the wedding.  You’re learning to tolerate each other, learning each others pet peeves (and buttons), learning each others quirks and idiosyncracies.  Learning how to LIVE with each other (and learning not kill each other) is more important than that one day.  Starting a marriage in $23,000 debt (if the couple needs to go into debt for the wedding) is not my idea of romance.  It’s not my idea of a good start.

However, there might be an argument for bigger weddings.  I remember reading in one of my undergraduate text books that when couples have BIGGER weddings, they are less likely to divorce because the couple didn’t want to embarrass themselves by telling everyone they know and everyone that attended their happy wedding that their marriage didn’t work out.  I’m not sure if there’s any validity to this.  Kim Kardashian’s wedding is an examplethat refutes this claim entirely!

I used to want to have a glamorous wedding when I was a little girl.  Now, I would just be happy if my future husband to be, close family and friends that I care deeply about, and maybe my dog were there.  I would be happy if it were held in a back yard.  I don’t need all the pomp and circumstance because I know that a lavish wedding will not give you a good marriage.  Communication, respect, cooperation, trust, support, and understanding each other will give you a good marriage.

Readers, did you spend a lot for your wedding?  In hindsight were you happy you spent this much or do you think weddings are overrated?