I recently watched a one hour documentary on television that talked about the life of Warren Buffett.  I had been meaning to learn more about him, and was glad that the task of learning more about him just fell into my lap without me having to do more work than turning on the television =)

Let’s just say that the more I learn about Warren Buffett, the more I heart him.

He’s the third wealthiest person IN THE WORLD for 2010, just in case you were living under a rock and hadn’t heard of him.

He’s estimated to have $40 billion dollars net worth, which primarily started in investing.  $40 BILLION!!!

Here are some reasons that he’s so cool:

  • He still lives in the same house in Omaha that he’s lived in for 50 years
  • He still drives an old chevy truck even though he’s the third richest man in the world
  • He still eats at the same diner style restaurant regularly (no caviar or fois grois for him!)
  • He seems really down to earth and friendly
  • He joins in on Geico ads and looks really cute and enthusiastic doing so
  • His children aren’t spoiled and he told them he doesn’t plan to give them any inheritance and they 100% agree with that (they seemed really down to earth too, from the documentary)
  • He plans to donate the majority of his assets to charity (AND it’s not even a charity funded in his name e.g. The Warren Buffet foundation)
  • He plays bridge with Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates admires him, kind of like a mentor
  • He bought 40 acres of Nebraska farmland at the age of 14 for $1200 (dude, at the age of 14 I was too busy being self absorbed!)
  • He became at millionaire at the age of 31
  • He doesn’t believe in active trading, he buys and holds, and buys some more
  • His affair with investing started by reading The Intelligent Investor and befriending the author.  It’s sitting on my bedside and I have yet to read it, but very excited to read it.
  • He’s an adorable 80 year old!

There’s another biography on Buffett by Alice Schroeder called The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life so I hope to check that out soon.

Do you heart Warren Buffett too?  Any other factoids on him that I should add?