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Yes! has been featured in the limelight (how cool is that?)!  Though only a few times, so far.  LOL. =)

Globe and Mail

Personal Finance Reader: How to Spend- And Save- More Efficiently by Rob Carrick: March 5, 2010 on my review on Questrade

Personal Finance Reader: Mutual funds: Where to find them and, how much they cost and when to sell by Rob Carrick: June 2, 2010 about me succumbing to the Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX

Personal Finance Reader: The Great Vacation Deal Round Up by Rob Carrick: June 9, 2010 for my cheap travel series like how to cut out the middle man when booking travel

Personal Finance Reader: Millionaires on the Run by Rob Carrick: December 15, 2010 for the guest post from SavingMentor on How to Save Money with Home Theatre PC's

Personal Finance Reader: You, Yoga, and Your Money by Rob Carrick:  March 16, 2011 for my post on how yoga relates to personal finance (in my perspective).

Personal Finance Reader:  Putting a Price on Love by Rob Carrick: May 3, 2011 for my post on birth control on the cheap

Home Cents Blog: Are you Stuck in a Cell Phone Contract? by Shelly White February 27, 2012 for my post on cell phone contracts

Personal Finance Reader: Gumption, genius and good luck by Rob Carrick – TFSA vs RESP Contributions

Times Magazine Money Blog “It's Your Money- Financial Lessons from the Fabulous Four, Yoga, Homer Simpson, and Other Odd Sources ” by Brad Tuttle:  April 5, 2011 for my post on how yoga relates to personal finance

Rob Carrick’s Reader: Wedding bells ring up the bills by Rob Carrick: September 14, 2012 – The Cost of Weddings

National Post

Young Bloggers Look to Spark Fin Lit Passion”  by Ora Morrison:  Financial Post April 21, 2011.  Youngandthrifty was interviewed along with and FabulouslyBroke on how young personal finance bloggers are taking the initiative to share our individual personal finance stories and teach each other about personal finance because we're not getting it reliably elsewhere.

Glow Magazine

Interviewed by Sydney Loney for the Holiday 2011 magazine and included in the article We Hereby Resolve… to make our 2012 resolutions a reality! Which talks about how I made my 2011 resolutions work.

The Consumerist

The Consumerist mentioned my post about how to rent out your basement suite to add to your income stream.

The Consumerist mentioned my post on budget-breaking add-ons that accompany big ticket items

Money Sense was interviewed by Bryan Borzykowski from about my personal RRSP contribution strategies January 24, 2012.

June 5th Roundup – How To Port A Mortgage

June 15th Debt Reality Check – Why Equality in Relationship and Finances Might Not Work for Everyone

Awards/ Recognition (thank you, thank you)

The people have spoken! To kick off the first annual Best of Finance Awards, Rate Super Market asked Canadians: Who’s on top when it comes to personal finance resources? And answer you did, filling us in on your picks for the best blogs, books, news and more. Best of Finance 2012: Consumers’ Choice Winners! – Best Blogger: Frugal Living

Top 50 Financial Mentor from eCollegeFinder

June 15th, 2010, Philadelphia, PA – has recently been honored with eCollegeFinder’s Financial Mentor Award. The Financial Mentor Award recognizes the top 50 financial resources on the Internet that allow students to maintain their financial health while in school. Finding an affordable education is just one piece of the financial puzzle for students.Young and Thriftyacts as a valuable financial resource and has shown dedication to helping people successfully manage their economic positions. This award is intended to commend their remarkable efforts.

Considered One of the Best Financial Websites for Canadians by

Picked as one of the 25 best Financial website for Canadians in 2010  and in 2011 by, a website dedicated to providing breaking news on the Canadian Banking Industry and also providing the Canadian population with current banking trends, bank account information, credit card deals and essential information for consumers

Considered a Top 10 Realest Personal Finance Blogger

by Amber from Blonde & Balanced and Krystal from Give Me Back my Five Bucks:  “To us, being a great personal finance blogger doesn’t necessarily mean being able to generate the most income, report the news, have thousands of subscribers, or even a lot of fame – it’s the connection  you can make with your readers and the stories you are willing to share with the world that make you approachable and real.” —- Thanks girls!! 🙂

Considered a “Hot Personal Finance Chick”

by Financial Uproar (quite possibly the funniest personal finance blog in North America, let alone Canada- go read it and see for yourself).  I was chosen by him in his annual awkward tradition of picking hot personal finance chicks and I was one of them this year.  Miss Hot Personal Finance Chick 2011.  A title I wouldn't mind holding 😉 considering all the other PF blogger chicks that also hold the title are undeniably hot and smart with their money!  I am woman, hear me ROAR! 🙂


Youngandthrifty was interviewed for their Thrifty Blogger of the Week series by Rachel from Thrift Culture Now: Frugal Living, Thrift, Money Saving Tips– a fellow Canadian website written by young Canadians for fellow young frugal Canadians. 

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