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Here at Young and Thrifty, Justin and I have always been about making personal finance easier and more fun than you’d typically find it in other places. But between the two of us, we’ve only got so many hours to help you guys find better, accessible ways to budget, invest, and save money.

That’s why I’d like to introduce you to two new writers that you’ll see around these parts, starting this month.

Please welcome Chris, the writer behind From Rags to Reasonable, and Desirae, the writer behind Half Banked, to the Young and Thrifty team!

We knew when we were looking for contributors that we wanted them be unique and entertaining.  We needed folks that were different from ourselves and that could offer new perspectives on personal finance. It’s easy, after all, to make “save more money” posts – and that’s not what we’re about here.

Chris is a unique voice in the Canadian personal finance world, literally – he balances his work as a financial planner with his career as a professional opera singer. (I know.) His blog, From Rags to Reasonable, is all about empowering artists and creatives to take control of their money, even on variable incomes. He’s got handy guides, hilarious original graphics, and his advice can help you out even if the closest you’ve come to being an artist was passing your Grade 9 art class.

While Desirae isn’t any kind of performing artist, she also brings a unique perspective to the whole how-to-do-money thing. When she realized that she had all these big goals (buy a house! Save an emergency fund!) and wasn’t saving enough to hit them on her ideal timeline, she decided to do something radical: save half her income, and write about it on the internet. That’s how her blog Half Banked was born, and it’s all about helping Millennials figure out a money situation that works for them – and if that includes lattes, power to you.

You’ll be hearing more from these two soon enough, but in the meantime, feel free to check out their blogs (here’s Chris’ website, and here’s Desirae’s) and give them a warm Young and Thrifty welcome!

Article comments

Tony says:

Welcome Chris & Desirae

Sunny says:

Very excited to have you both over and get the benefits of 3 blogs at 1 spot! Amazing.

That’s awesome. I enjoy Desirae’s posts on Half Banked. Looking forward to the new content.