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Growing Your Money Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

When most people think of investing they think of guys with too much product in their hair, who wear nice suits, make millions of dollars and stare at boring/complicated graphs on computer screens all day. Or perhaps, if you’re a young adult, you might associate investing with stock market crashes and the panic that they cause – that’s what the media prefers to report on, after all.

At best, most Canadians see “investing” as something they talk about with their “bank person” once or twice a year (usually during “RRSP season”) and as a sort of arcane magic/black box that they could never hope to understand. Be different, and learn to invest using our quick and easy investment guide.

Keeping it simple.

ETF InvestingThe truth is that investing for most people should be very very simple.  Our FREE eBook’s subtitle is “Low Maintenance and Stellar Returns”.  In it, you’ll find the exact investing portfolio that I use and why I use it.  The book takes about 20 minutes to read through, and I’m sure that by the end I’ll have convinced you that investing does not need to be difficult or time consuming.  I honestly spend maybe a half-hour every few months checking my investments – and that’s it!  It’s called “passive investing” or “couch potato investing” for a reason.

Either download the book, and or browse through more than 250 well-researched articles readily available for you on


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Minimizing Your Investment Fees as a Canadian

Canadians pay the highest fees to financial advisors in the world through hidden mutual fund costs.  By learning a few small pieces of terminology, and reading a few articles on the tools that we use, anyone can become a DIY investor and learn to control their own financial fate, instead of leaving it in the hands of people who might not have their best interests at heart.

All people need to succeed as an investor is basic grade nine math (honestly, most of it is just basic ratios and percentages, it’s no more complicated than understanding hockey players plus/minus numbers or a goalie’s save percentage) and a willingness to ask questions when we don’t know something.  For some reason talking about money and investments is taboo, and very few teachers have any idea about this stuff, so we’re never really exposed to any natural learning opportunities.  This information imbalance is massively exploited to the tune of hundreds of billion dollars every year in Canada.

Don’t be that person that is afraid to ask a question for fear of looking dumb!  Let us help you Keep It Simple and Stellar (KISS). View our comprehensive Investing Guide Below:


  1. The Basics – Couch Potato Investing
    1. ETF Investing – The Basics (A whole free book available upon signing up to our newsletter)
      1. ETF’s For The Common Investor
      2. Best ETFs for Young Canadian Investors
      3. Vanguard Canada ETFs vs TD E-Series Mutual Funds
      4. Why Should You Stick to Index Investing
    2. Index Investment – It Works!
    3. The Magic of Compound Interest
    4. What are RRSPs, TFSAs, and RESPs (Separate Section)
    5. Investing in Yourself
    6. Is it Possible to Avoid Difficult Financial Lessons When it Comes to Investing?
    7. Risk Taking in Investments
  2. Dividend Investing
    1. Making a Dividend Income Spreadsheet
    2. Canadian Dividend Investing: Big Bank
    3. Canadian Dividend Investing: Utility Stocks
    4. Dividend Re-Investment Plans (DRIP) – Why and How
    5. Investing In Tobacco Dividends
  3. Robo Advisors: The New Way to Invest
    1. Wealthsimple Review
    2. NestWealth Review
    3. IQ Trade by Questrade Review
  4. Online Stock Brokers:
    1. BMO Investorline Online Banking Review
    2. Questrade Review (Most Recommended)
    3. Questrade Vs. Qtrade Comparison
  5. Best Canadian Banks
    1. Tangerine Online Banking and Investing Review
  6. How to Get TD E-Series Funds in Your TFSA or RRSP
  7. Canadian Flow Through Shares Explained
  8. Warnings and Heads Ups:
    1. Is the Smith Manoeuvre Too Risky?
    2. 5 Reasons Not to Invest In Penny Stocks
    3. Why It Is Impossible To Predict Interest Rates
    4. Mutual Fund Managers = Minor League
    5. Misinformation on Mutual Funds
  9. Financial Advice
    1. The Investor Group
    2. Investor Group Update: Lower MER
    3. The Market Value of Financial Advice



Below are all the posts which are tagged as investing related. All the posts are listed in a chronological order.

BMO Investorline Review

BMO InvestorLine wants to be your online investing destination and has clearly heard that Canadian investors don’t all have the same wants and needs. (A basic vanilla indexer like myself is going to require a very minimalist platform, whereas a day-trader is going to...

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Questrade vs Qtrade

As two of Canada’s best discount brokerage the Questrade vs Qtrade debate has had DIY investors arguing for years.  We’ll do our best to break it down and find the best fit for you. Before diving in and splitting hairs, I should point that both platforms are excellent...

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Nest Wealth Review

To wrap up our tour of the top robo advisors in Canada (see our Ultimate Guide to Canada’s Robo Advisors for more information), we thought we’d take a look at the first entrant into the Canadian market and one the market leaders in Canada with our Nest Wealth Review....

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Questrade Review for 2017 – $50 Promo Offer Code

Congratulations!  If you're considering opening a Questrade discount brokerage account, you have have likely managed to get a handle on your personal finances and are now ready to put your money to work for you.  Read our in-depth Questrade review below and take...

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Wealthsimple Review

“We're on a mission to bring smarter financial services to everybody, regardless of age or net worth.” - Michael Katchen, CEO, Wealthsimple Join, the premier Canadian source for Robo Advisors, as we review Wealthsimple, the biggest Canadian...

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Questrade Portfolio IQ Robo Advisor Review

If you have been living under a rock (aka, not tuning into regularly scheduled programming here at Y&T), you have probably not heard of robo advisors before.  Well, robo advisors are definitely here to stay and are moving and shaking the financial world by merging...

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Invisor Robo Advisor Review

To be honest I have not heard of Invisor, but that's probably because I don't live in Ontario, where Invisor is founded.  Other than autocorrect trying to change Invisor to Incisor (you know the front teeth used to tear the food that we put into our mouths), Invisor...

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WealthBar Robo Advisor Review

Perhaps in the next 10-20 years big bank financial advisors (aka mutual fund salespeople) will become a thing of the past with the fintech explosion and millennial uptake of robo advisors becoming the go to resources for retirement planning.  Young and Thrifty...

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The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Maximizing Your Index ETF Returns

One of the most common questions that we’re asked after people read our free eBook on DIY index investing using ETFs is: “Ok, so I know what sort of asset allocation is appropriate for me and I’ve decided what ETFs I want to buy, but which ones belong in my RRSP, and...

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Justwealth Robo Advisor Review

As you probably know, Robo Advisors are becoming very popular as a way to use index investing without having to do all the DIY research yourself.  Young and Thrifty recently did a Complete Guide to Canada's Robo Advisors and we know there are many Robo Advisor options...

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ModernAdvisor Review

To add on to the Complete Guide to Canada's Robo Advisors, here at Young and Thrifty, we would like to take a closer look at the big robo advisor companies in Canada. To start, we're checking out ModernAdvisor, which is one of the new kids on the block.  There...

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Empowering Millennials to Tackle Self-Directed Investing

Millennials are entering their prime years to take advantage of substantial investment timelines and the magic of compounded returns – yet they might be too scared to seize their opportunity for long-term growth. The oldest pioneers of the Millennial generation just...

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My Top Seven ETFs for Young Canadian Investors 2017 Updated

As usual when it comes to investing advice on this website, I should admit right up front that I have no letters behind my name that are related to financial fields of study, so feel free to verify any advice that you read on specific recommendations. There is no way...

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The Complete Guide to Canada’s Robo Advisors

Do you want an easy, user-friendly way to sock money away in an RRSP or TFSA without having to learn “a bunch of investing stuff”?   Perhaps you’re looking for a financial service that matches your lifestyle and allows you to get advice online without having to wait...

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TD’s *NEW* Direct Investing Platform – Reviewed

I have to be honest in saying that I was slightly skeptical when recently presented with an opportunity to be guided through TD Direct Investing's new platform. It wasn’t that I didn’t think TD would be able to handle the fundamentals of DIY investing, such as buying...

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Assets Under Management and Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Fund's are hot.  Especially recently.  And especially if you have more than $25,000 to invest. The availability and popularity of exchange traded funds has exponentially increased over the past ten years.  According to the Investment Company Institute...

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WARNING: Falling Knives and Raging Bears!

It truly amazes me how predictably irrational human beings can be (myself certainly included at times). We like to think of ourselves as logical and rationale creatures, yet our actions beg to differ.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the stock market.  We have...

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Youngandthrifty’s Investment Owner’s Contract

As discussed in a previous post that explains the change or makeover to my investment portfolio, this investment owner's contract is long overdue.  I had meant to create one (well, five years ago) when I initially read The Intelligent Investor, but never got around to...

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Young’s Investment Portfolio Makeover

I suppose the impetus to start a slow process of my investment portfolio makeover was from a number of different events that made me go "huh... maybe I should do something about that". Initially I was really happy with the plan for the extra money I had saved up if...

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Sorting Out Canadian-listed ETFs vs USA-listed ETFs

I recently received an email asking if my ETF recommendations from our free eBook are still the same.  Specifically, do I still recommend purchasing USA-listed ETFs to get exposure to the American and international markets. Before I get to why I have adjusted things...

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What are Preferred Shares?

Unfortunately I did not understand preferred shares completely before I invested in them.  As with many aspects of do it yourself investing, I learned more about what I invested in after accumulating experience with it.  As I read more about it, I become more...

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Pros and Cons of Stop Limit Orders

First, I should probably explain what stop limit orders are.  Stop limit orders is an order placed with the brokerage that combines a stop order and a limit order.  Once the price reaches that price that you set, the order will be executed.  Here is how to set up a...

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Giving Consumers The Incentive To Save

If reading Freakonomics taught me anything it’s that people respond to incentives.  I hope for Canadians’ sake that this economic touchstone is true when it comes to saving money.  BMO has provided the incentive, now it’s time to see how we respond. The Bank of...

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How Often Should I Rebalance My Portfolio?

Life, it's about balance isn't it?  Yoga is about balance too.  Yoga has taught me a lot about personal finance.  When I do my weekly yoga (at home of course, because I can't fathom to pay $17+ for a drop in yoga class every week) session, I often strike tree pose. ...

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Dividend Income Update December 2014

I was a busy bee in the past quarter and my dividend portfolio was busy too, it seems.  I was productive this quarter considering in my last update I don't really think I had much to update. In hindsight maybe a bit TOO productive, I can barely keep track of what I...

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Can You Trust Your Financial Adviser?

Back in the day when I was delving into investing my money with financial advisers (read: over 7 years ago) I dealt with my fare share.  One of the most prominent experiences that I can recall from my interactions with financial advisers is the one with Investors...

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Dividend Income Update: September 2014

This blog is great because it keeps me accountable.  Sometimes I forget what my goals are until I re-read what I wrote.  Obviously in the last three months I didn't do anything to increase my dividend income, so I better get my butt in gear.  The last update was a...

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Dividend Income Update June 2014

In my last dividend income update in March 2014, I had a couple of goals.  I also bought (surprising to me) a lot more exchange traded funds than I thought I did, to the point that updating this excel spreadsheet has been a little on the ridiculous side (I had to add...

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Easy Peasy Way on How to Start Investing

Maybe I am preaching to the converted, but I have a lot of friends tell me they are worried about investing and buying anything than what their bank's financial advisor tells them to.  I recently received a telephone call (well I receive them regularly periodically)...

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Is Universal Life Insurance a Good Idea?

A few months ago my friends and I were talking about investing and money.  I enjoy talking about money with my friends (although they don't know I write in this blog, they do know I am pretty savvy with my money) and often learn a lot about different approaches. Two...

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Do Women Make Better Investors?

I have a feeling I might annoy the male dominated personal finance blogosphere in addition to the owners of this blog, but I think that in general, women tend to make better investors (though I would say that the owners of this blog are an exception because they are a...

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Dividend Income Update March 2014

As some of you dividend lovers may have noticed, I haven't posted an update on my dividend portfolio in a while.  In October, I had some lofty ideas on what to do to increase my dividend income.  I thought it would be timely to give you another update (thank goodness...

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3 Ways Renting in your Twenties Will Help Your Retirement

I was watching my boy Preet Banerjee on Global News the other day and wasn’t surprised to hear him bring his usual brand of high-intensity charisma and sound advice to the broadcast.  What I was surprised by was the sentiments of the people hosting the segment.  They...

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How to Set Up A Stop Limit Order In Questrade

This post relates to investing and how to keep yourself relatively safe from risk.  Since I'm not an avid investor (I usually buy stocks only a few times a year) I often forget how to do certain technical things when I am doing my Do It Yourself Investor activities on...

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Should I Take the Canadian Securities Course (CSC)?

Who knew that saying, “I read a lot of books and periodicals about financial stuff… seriously, here’s an Instagram shot of my bookshelf,” wouldn’t be enough to establish my bonafides in the eyes of certain readers? Apparently I need a little more gravitas, and as we...

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Investing: Growth versus Monthly Income

Throughout my ten year plus experience and foray into investing, I have always deliberated between opting for growth and opting for monthly income (e.g. cash flow is king).  I remember when I bought Visa (Ticker: V)  a few years ago during its initial IPO at $65 or...

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What I did with $100,000 and Dividend Income Update

A few weeks ago, I had a post on my monologue with myself on what I should do with the $100,000 that you often see sitting there in my net worth updates... that has been the case for many many months.  So thank you for your patience and I listened to your nagging and...

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Vanguard ETFs versus TD e-Series Mutual Funds

Everyone who reads this blog knows that I’m a big fan analyzing the easiest ways to invest cheaply and efficiently; therefore, I thought it might be time to look at Vanguard Exchange Traded Funds compared to the TD e-Series of mutual funds. Both of these of these...

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What to do with $100,000?

So I was a little bit idealistic when I thought I would meet someone on the short term and be able to use the money I have towards a wedding, RESPs, or even *gasp* another down payment towards another place.  The search for Mr. Right isn't going as well as I had...

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Giving RESPs as Baby Gifts

As my buddy put it the other day, “My Facebook newsfeed now consists entirely of wedding/engagement announcements and baby pictures.” Getting older kinda sucks Gen Y, what can we say. Friends having babies means friends inviting you to their infant children’s birthday...

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How Two Teachers Plan to Reach Findpendence By 45 – Part 3

If you've been out enjoying the nice summer weather instead of reading our ramblings - shame on you.  Fortunately you can still catch the first two parts of Mr. and Mrs. TM's master plan, here and here. Building the Nest Egg Now that we have a general map of what our...

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How Two Teachers Plan to Reach Findpendence By 45 – Part 2

To view part 1 of this 3-part mini-series, click here. Spending – Keep It Simple Stupid Many personal finance authors sometimes make the mistake of focusing so intently on details that they miss explaining the forest on account of describing a few trees.  So much of...

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Why “Buy What You Know” Should be “Buy What You Understand”

Peter Lynch became a famous investment guru by arguing that we should all, “Buy what you know.”  This sentiment is now routinely espoused by financial magazines and blogs who struggle to come up with daily content that the average person will understand.  The problem...

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Vanguard ETFs (VTI and VXUS) – What I’m Buying Right Now

It’s always easy to sit back and give other people advice when there is no risk to your own money.  When you haven’t had to trade your personal time for the cash in your investment account things always seem so simple.  When it isn’t your retirement date being...

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Canadian Dividend Investing: Telcos

Telcos, Telecoms, The Big Three, whatever you call them, they are a force to be reckoned with and part of our every day lives whether we like it or not (unless you down own a cell phone, or use the Internet, or watch cable television, or call from a land line). I know...

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