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When most people think of investing they think of guys with too much product in their hair, who wear nice suits, make millions of dollars and stare at boring/complicated graphs on computer screens all day. Or perhaps, if you’re a young adult, you might associate investing with stock market crashes and the panic that they cause – that’s what the media prefers to report on, after all.

At best, most Canadians see “investing” as something they talk about with their “bank person” once or twice a year (usually during “RRSP season”) and as a sort of arcane magic/black box that they could never hope to understand. Be different, and learn to invest using our quick and easy investment guide.

Keeping it simple.

ETF InvestingThe truth is that investing for most people should be very very simple.  Our FREE eBook’s subtitle is “Low Maintenance and Stellar Returns”.  In it, you’ll find the exact investing portfolio that I use and why I use it.  The book takes about 20 minutes to read through, and I’m sure that by the end I’ll have convinced you that investing does not need to be difficult or time consuming.  I honestly spend maybe a half-hour every few months checking my investments – and that’s it!  It’s called “passive investing” or “couch potato investing” for a reason.

Either download the book, and or browse through more than 250 well-researched articles readily available for you on


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Minimizing Your Investment Fees as a Canadian

Canadians pay the highest fees to financial advisors in the world through hidden mutual fund costs.  By learning a few small pieces of terminology, and reading a few articles on the tools that we use, anyone can become a DIY investor and learn to control their own financial fate, instead of leaving it in the hands of people who might not have their best interests at heart.

All people need to succeed as an investor is basic grade nine math (honestly, most of it is just basic ratios and percentages, it’s no more complicated than understanding hockey players plus/minus numbers or a goalie’s save percentage) and a willingness to ask questions when we don’t know something.  For some reason talking about money and investments is taboo, and very few teachers have any idea about this stuff, so we’re never really exposed to any natural learning opportunities.  This information imbalance is massively exploited to the tune of hundreds of billion dollars every year in Canada.

Don’t be that person that is afraid to ask a question for fear of looking dumb!  Let us help you Keep It Simple and Stellar (KISS). View our comprehensive Investing Guide Below:


  1. The Basics – Couch Potato Investing
    1. ETF Investing – The Basics (A whole free book available upon signing up to our newsletter)
      1. ETF’s For The Common Investor
      2. Best ETFs for Young Canadian Investors
      3. Vanguard Canada ETFs vs TD E-Series Mutual Funds
      4. Why Should You Stick to Index Investing
    2. Index Investment – It Works!
    3. The Magic of Compound Interest
    4. What are RRSPs, TFSAs, and RESPs (Separate Section)
    5. Investing in Yourself
    6. Is it Possible to Avoid Difficult Financial Lessons When it Comes to Investing?
    7. Risk Taking in Investments
  2. Dividend Investing
    1. Making a Dividend Income Spreadsheet
    2. Canadian Dividend Investing: Big Bank
    3. Canadian Dividend Investing: Utility Stocks
    4. Dividend Re-Investment Plans (DRIP) – Why and How
    5. Investing In Tobacco Dividends
  3. Robo Advisors: The New Way to Invest
    1. Wealthsimple
    2. NestWealth
    3. IQ Trade by Questrade
  4. Online Stock Brokers:
    1. BMO Investorline Online Banking Review
    2. Questrade Review (Most Recommended)
    3. Questrade Vs. Qtrade Comparison
  5. Best Canadian Banks
    1. Tangerine Online Banking and Investing Review
  6. How to Get TD E-Series Funds in Your TFSA or RRSP
  7. Canadian Flow Through Shares Explained
  8. Warnings and Heads Ups:
    1. Is the Smith Manoeuvre Too Risky?
    2. 5 Reasons Not to Invest In Penny Stocks
    3. Why It Is Impossible To Predict Interest Rates
    4. Mutual Fund Managers = Minor League
    5. Misinformation on Mutual Funds
  9. Financial Advice
    1. The Investor Group
    2. Investor Group Update: Lower MER
    3. The Market Value of Financial Advice



Below are all the posts which are tagged as investing related. All the posts are listed in a chronological order.

Canadian Dividend Investing: Big Banks

I know that the owners of this site a big fans of index investing and Exchange Traded Fund Investing, whereas I enjoy the risk somewhat in picking stocks myself for the most part.  I have a bit of gambler in me, yeah. I am a big fan of dividend investing as you know,...

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Canadian Dividend Investing: Utility Stocks

Utility stocks are great because you can feel good while you are paying for your monthly expenses because you know that it won't hurt so bad when you pay your bills.  Solely because when you pay your bills you are somehow paying yourself in a weird convoluted way....

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youngandthrifty dividend income update May 2013

I haven't done anything new since last month.  HSE and Sunlife are DRIPping nicely, now I have 104 shares of HSE and 102 shares of Sunlife (and it has bounced back to my original buy price).  Since April, I have increased my dividend income by about $100. I would like...

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The Anti-Hockey Scholarship (Hockey Is NOT an Investment)

“All the right moves when he turned eighteen, Scholarship and school on a big U.S. team… My boy’s gonna play in the big league” While Tom Cochrane certainly had a gift for describing Canada’s passion for chasing pucks around a sheet of ice, he may have inadvertently...

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Invest in Yourself

When we talk about investing, we know that Investing is, without a doubt, important. We throw around that term loosely, I find. Investing entails putting effort, whether it be time or money into something with an expectation of growth. When we talk about investing, we...

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Finding the Market Value of Financial Advice

Imagine (it’s easy if you try) a world where financial advice was priced by a competitive and efficient market in which everyone understood what they would get for what they paid.  Now that would be a beautiful thing.  One of our most controversial and commented-upon...

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youngandthrifty dividend income update April 2013

I managed to buy some more ETF's but really haven't had the time to research more dividend producing stocks or more ETFs to plunk my money in.  I noticed that my portfolio dipped a bit (by about 2%) since I checked last month.  I did manage to increase my annual...

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5 Reasons Not to Invest In Penny Stocks

Because of some of the methods of advertising we include on this site, you will sometimes see the odd advertisement for penny stocks come up.  Please don’t mistake this for an endorsement of that style of investing.  If not on our site, I’m sure you’ve come across...

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The Mad Scramble for RRSP Contributions

Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed a considerable surge in people headed to our site to check out topics surrounding RRSPs and TFSAs.  During the same time period I’ve heard several of my co-workers talking about RRSPs and how “it’s that season”.  Finally, in some...

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Make a Dividend Income Spreadsheet

As you know, recently I created a dividend income spreadsheet with Google Docs.  It took me probably 6 hours to do just because I am spreadsheet illiterate.  I thought it might be a good idea to immortalize a "step by step guide" on how to create a dividend income...

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2012 Year End Dividend Update

Although the update between November and the end of December didn't change much, I did have enough money in the TFSA account to buy three more shares of Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) so that I have a nice even number (100) instead of 97 shares.  Obviously my OCD...

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The Insanity of Trying to Predict Interest Rates

I find it hilarious that every time Young posts a net worth update or you stumble across any article that mentions interest rates you immediately get a bevy of “experts” that come out of the woodwork to explain why everyone else is a moron and that it is obvious to...

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Indexing Works – But Don’t Take My Word For It

The disadvantage for a personal finance blogger that loves index investing is that there is only so much to be said about it.  I used to say that it simply isn’t a “sexy” strategy, but then again I consider having a million dollars in my bank account while investing...

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Should You Invest In Apple?

I love Apple and have pretty large exposure to it. Now some of you who’ve been around here for a while might be scratching their heads. After all, how can a guy that has an ETF eBook sign up on the right hand side of his blog suggest a specific stock to buy? How can a...

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Mutual Fund Managers = Minor Leagues

I have always been sort of fascinated by the shady world of hedge funds, and I had some idea of what they were, but I wasn’t clear on a lot of things. Lately I have been doing some reading on the topic (starting with The Little Book of Hedge Funds and then looking...

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Misinformation on Mutual Funds

I’m a huge fan of the Globe and Mail. I read it every day, and the finance section is usually full of good stuff including my boy Rob Carrick who has become a sort of Canadian guru in own right. We have even been featured in the online version of the publication on...

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2012 Personal Finance New Year’s Resolutions- Mid Year Review

It's always nice to take a trip down memory lane to see what sort of ambitious goals you had at the beginning of the year.  Since I like to do PF related resolutions (because IMO they are 50x easier to adhere to than personal/ physical activity related resolutions), I...

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Corporate Class Funds – I’ll Pass

Recently I was talking to one of my buddies that works in the world of agricultural finance (so he and his co-workers are familiar with many basic financial principles) and he asked me for my opinion on corporate class funds. I told him that to be honest, I didn’t...

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TFSA vs RESP Contributions

In the past we have compared RRSP and TFSA accounts, and RESP vs RRSP accounts, so today we’re going to do a head-to-head comparison of TFSA vs RESP contributions. For those of you that aren’t aware of what all of these acronyms mean, a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)...

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Investors Group Update: Lower MERs

Slowly but surely, those who are preaching the low MER fees Gospel (and I will proudly number myself among the faithful) are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of Canadian investors. Despite the fact that we still pay the highest mutual fund fees in the world...

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Investing In Tobacco Dividends – Collect ‘em If You Got ‘em

Warren Buffett and his pal Charlie Munger always say that they are looking for companies that have a “durable competitive advantage” and have low debt levels. Well, if millions of people around the world are strongly addicted to your product, and you have no real debt...

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Choosing the Latest Investing Fad

Don’t you love the guys/gals that get their investment advice from the water cooler? You know the guys and gals that are constantly hopping on the bandwagon of whatever terrible investment advice that their co-workers heard on the radio on the way in this morning? “I...

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Risk Taking: Intelligent vs Non-Intelligent

When we told select family and friends that we were going to purchase this website, we got some stunned looks and some other words of support. The interesting part about that varied reaction is the fact that we intentionally haven’t told many people. For example, we...

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ETFs for the Common Investor

So the nice thing about being a staff writer for a great site like Young and Thrifty is that when you produce a neat little project, the powers that be allow you to get exposure (or as the kids say these days, “pimp it”) on their site.  I really appreciate the review...

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Why and How to DRIP: Dividend Re-Investment Plans

  Dividends are the "tried and true" investment focus these days (other than dollar cost averaging through indexing, of course) for those that say "screw off" to mutual funds and want to DIY invest.  Dividend paying stocks USUALLY have a proven track record and...

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The Magic of Compound Interest

  Firstly I'd like to apologize to Canadian readers because I couldn't find any pictures of Canadian money growing on trees LOL. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees and in the midst of the growing volatility and uncertainty that has plagued the global...

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Why you should Index Invest

Hi all! Here's another great staff post from Teacher Man- here's his intro if you want to read a little more about him: " I go by the pen name “Teacher Man” due to the fact that I recently graduated from university and am in my second year of teaching high school. ...

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Backgammon and the Stock Market

The following is a guest post from the Dividend Ninja. A couple of weeks ago, Y&T mentioned she was going back to school full-time, and was worried about not being able to write enough material while studying (which is a valid concern). She was asking for guest...

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Save or Invest for Short Term Goals?

I got an email the other day from a reader (I kid you not, I didn't edit this email to make myself feel good-- though by the glowing email, it almost sounds like I did! ).  I really really heart fan mail- 'nuff said. 🙂 I would like to start off by thanking you! Your...

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youngandthrifty’s 2011 TFSA Holdings- Part IV

This is the last of the four part series in which I disclose in a sneaky and mysterious manner what I'm holding in my Tax Free Trading Portfolio for 2011.  In the first part of the series, I talked about Exchange Income Corporation (the aviation/manufacturing...

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Youngandthrifty’s TFSA Holdings for 2011

As you know, I sold off my Tax Free Trading Account portfolio (remember, it's a "souped up" TFSA) and took the money out for the house down payment.  My portfolio was up about 20% Return on investment, but 2010 was such a great year for making gains on the stock...

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How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

In my limited five year foray into personal finance, I have encountered many a financial advisor. Some that work directly for the banks, some that work for wealth-building personal finance companies (usually requiring you to have lots of assets before they even take...

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5 Ways to Improve Your 401K

  Here's a guest post by fellow PF blogger PT Money (aka Phil Taylor) who started blogging since 2007 and has a limit-less site talking about saving money, debt reduction, and living a frugal life.  I thought I would include his post on 401K's because I wanted to...

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youngandthrifty’s Dividend Yields

In the previous post I blabbered on about how amazing dividends are.  They really are amazing- once you start investing in them you can't stop!  They're like Pringles Chips.  You can't have just one. I didn't realize their potential until recently, and since then, my...

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Dividends… Explained!

Do you like my camera skills?  I love the iPhone- its so easy- take a picture and send it to myself in an email and....voila! A picture for my blog is ready!  Anyway, I digress, we're talking about dividends here. So what are dividends? They're something magical. ...

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The Dangers of Forex Investing

A few months ago, I had a guest post on my site about trading the forex market, and I had a comment requesting how I should talk about the dangers of forex investing.  So because I am responsive (albeit slowly responsive, sorry!), here's my post on the Dangers of...

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Flow Through Shares…Explained!

I know it's early to be talking about Canadian tax saving strategies, but I thought I would talk about my experience with flow through shares since it doesn't seem like there's much information out there on this topic. Besides, it's never too early to be talking about...

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How to Transfer USD into your Questrade Account

I transferred some money over to my non-registered margin account on Questrade today from my non-registered BMO investorline account.  It took me a few days of procrastination, one day of trying to figure out why I couldn't do a USD bill payment from my BMO bank...

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I heart Warren Buffett

I recently watched a one hour documentary on television that talked about the life of Warren Buffett.  I had been meaning to learn more about him, and was glad that the task of learning more about him just fell into my lap without me having to do more work than...

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Exchange Traded Funds Basics

A few months ago, I talked about mutual funds and some of their drawbacks (the 2-3.5% yearly MER fee they charge for actively managing the fund), and how I personally prefer Exchange Traded Funds over mutual funds. So what are Exchange Traded funds, you ask? Exchange...

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Trading the Forex Market

Below is a guest post by Jennifer Gorton.  She wanted to offer tips and tricks upon entering the Forex market.  Youngandthrifty personally doesn't trade the Forex market, but can see the advantages of including it in your portfolio (you can trade 24-7!)-- but at the...

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Would you Like a GIC with That Cup of Tea?

When you think Guaranteed Investment Certificates, you make think of muted-tone flower-patterned granny panties or something boring like that. Or you might not. Maybe it's just  me. GIC's can actually be a very good tool in the fixed income portion of your portfolio....

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How to Apply for a TD E-series Fund – Updated for 2017

We first started writing about TD's e-series funds and how to use them almost a decade ago now!  Back then, there was very little competition in the low-cost investing market.  These days, with Canada's robo advisors bounding on to the scene, and discount...

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Mutual Funds Basics

As promised, I hope to explain the basics of personal finance on youngandthrifty. Mostly everyone I know has a mutual fund.  So, what REALLY is a mutual fund, you ask? Mutual funds are a collection of stocks that are professionally managed by a high-paying fund...

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The “Other” Investments…and the Three Financial Advisers

In my monthly net worth updates, I categorize my assets into stocks, cash, RRSPs, TFSA,  and other, to name a few.  In this month's net worth update,  Investing Newbie wanted to know what my "Other" investments are. Well to answer that question, I'm going to tell you...

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