Before we get into helping students with some day-to-day financial tips, the bigger question that really needed to be answered in our newly released book – More Money for Beer and Textbooks – is should you even bother going to school at all anymore?  After all, every time you open the newspaper or turn on the evening news there is another story about a specific graduate that has a BMW-worth of student debt, yet has no job prospects right?

The bad news for today’s students is that it does cost more to go to school than ever before.  This is especially true for a university education.  It isn’t your imagination guys, by any measurement the cost of a post-secondary education today is substantially higher than the one your parents and/or grandparents received.  Don’t listen to their stories about ten cent chocolate bars and be fooled.  The prices involved with education have outpaced general inflation by a large margin over the past few decades.

The good news for the students of today, and those of tomorrow, is that a post-secondary education is a still a pretty damn good deal.  Our book takes a serious look at what gives you the most bang for your buck in today’s educational market.  Regardless of the path you choose though it won’t be cheap.  To put it in investment terms, it will be an investment that pays huge dividends later on (and a dividend that is almost guaranteed to grow if you make a few key choices), but it is a sizable outlay of capital (re: mad cash) upfront.

In order to prove to the haters out there (ok so personal finance sites probably don’t have many “haters”… the attempt at trying to sound hip still stands) that we large legit, we decided to release a sneak peak of the first chapter of More Money for Beer and Textbooks over on our sister site My University Money.

Click Here to See Chapter 1 for Free!

If you’re a harder sell that just a fancy URL link and an exclamation mark, the chapter takes an in-depth look at the costs associated with various types of schooling across Canada today.  We also present some hard data on the types of challenges students today are going to see after they leave they leave their protective high school cartoon.  The numbers concerning student debt and how quickly that debt has escalated might of particular interest to current high school students and their families.

I wouldn’t be doing our book justice if I didn’t point once again that there is nothing like More Money for Beer and Textbooks on the market today, and that you can zip over to and pick up a copy for yourself, or a copy for a special young person in your life.  Don’t go into the challenge of attaining a post-secondary education in Canada blind.  Instead, give yourself every advantage in the the battle to get your degree, diploma, or certificate without falling into a pit of crippling student debt – read the the free chapter and then buy More Money for Beer and Textbooks today!

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