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Here we are in the 2nd quarter over, and have the year is through already! Time flies.  In my last update (March 2015) I had just over $5500 of annual dividend income.  Going through the changes to my dividend portfolio took a lot of concentration because of all the changes I made.

This quarter I have close to $5800 in annual dividend income.  I would like to see if I can get $6000 in annual dividend income by the end of the year, which would give me a clean $500 a month in dividend income.

I also managed to keep the dividend payout to 4.50% (which is very close to the 4.51% last update) which is quite interesting.

If I had a million dollars in my dividend/ investing machine portfolio with a 4.5% annual dividend return, I would have $45000 in relatively unscathed-by-taxes income which would be a dream! Retirement here I come, LOL.  I’ve got quite a ways to go for that, though!

Changes to the Dividend Portfolio

There were quite a few changes to the dividend portfolio, which included dividend increases, addition of dividend paying stocks, and rebalancing/ adding more shares.

The two that had notable dividend increases includes Sunlife (SLF.TO) which increased their dividend from $0.36 a share every quarter to $0.38 a share every quarter.  This represents over a 5% increase in the dividend.  I have 105 shares of Sunlife, and have owned them for a long time (since 2008 I believe).

The other stock that increased its dividend is Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO).  BMO increased its dividend from $0.78 a share every quarter to $0.80 a share every quarter.  This represents a 2.5% increase.  I have 100 shares in Bank of Montreal.

Another major change was the decrease in the CPD shares (triggered a stop loss) and buying of ZPR (also preferred shares) in addition to re-balancing the non-registered portfolio and buying more VUS, VEF, ZDV, and CLF.

I added SNC Lavalin (SNC.TO) a Canadian engineering company that builds all over the world that has recently been priced very low because of recent issues and allegations of corruption.  It pays a little over a 2% dividend and had a recent increase this year.  I bought 25 shares and then 25 more shares.  I also added National Bank of Canada (NA.TO) and bought 50 shares.  It pays about a 4% annual dividend.  I also re-bought Ensign Energy (ESI.TO), I just couldn’t stay away haha.  It triggered a stop loss and I bought it at a lower price.  The dividend for Ensign Energy is around 4.8%.

Finally I bought 50 more shares of REI.UN (RIOCAN REIT).  I remember walking near a Canadian Tire in Vancouver and seeing the RIOCAN sign and fancy garbage can.  At first I was annoyed that this particular Canadian Tire charges its customers parking (and heavily enforces the parking) on the rooftop whereas all the other Canadian Tires have complimentary parking.  Then I realized that it was benefiting me because I have shares in REI.UN.  Nonetheless I didn’t end up parking on the roof, haha.

If you want to make your own spreadsheet, check out my snazzy ‘step by step guide on how to make a dividend income spreadsheet‘.

Goals for the Dividend Portfolio

Before next dividend update in September, I plan to rebalance the exchange traded funds in my Tax Free Savings Account.  I also plan to increase my annual dividend income to $6000 a year, which is an extra $200 in dividend income than what I have now.  Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to achieve.

I might end up buying more Fortis (FTS.TO) (haha I seem to say that with each dividend income update) or more Husky (HSE.TO) since it’s dipping down again.

Again, I would love to buy more American stocks to add to my dividend portfolio but I am low on U.S. dollar cash.

For your eyes only… and et voila, here is my most recent dividend screenshot update for June 2015:

Readers, how has your dividend portfolio been doing?

Article comments

Amer says:

I read & read but really can’t get the how to strat thing! How to pickup my favorite stocks? You guys seems so organized, and am just lost! I hate that my inestments are sitting in aweful mutual funds that I bought 3 years ago and they have been doing really bad until now!

Kyle says:

Hey Amer, check out our Free ETF Book, or guide to Robo Advisors and see if those options make more sense to you.

Greg says:

Thanks for posting this update! Detailed, very appreciated to see what you’re doing and why, and then a screenshot of your holdings!

You had Husky before, and now you’re thinking of “buying more”, yet it’s not on your current screen shot 😉

Greg says:

I believe you had 158 of them in February, it might have been cut off and sitting still above your KEG ones 😉

Young says:

Hi Greg,

Ahh! You’re right, it is above my KEG one and I cut it off when I took the screen shot. Lol. I have 159 shares @ 190.8 annually.