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Spring is here!  The cherry blossoms are in bloom in Vancouver and they are definitely a sight for sore eyes.

The markets have been a bit of a roller coaster (sort of a downward roller coaster) while the real estate markets have been an upward rollercoaster that just keeps going up in Vancouver.  I haven’t changed very much to the dividend portfolio, just mainly added more VXC, VAB, and XIC on a consistent monthly basis.

Nothing too exciting here compared to the last dividend income update in December 2015!  Except that I sold  TCK.B (Teck) however, it triggered a stop loss (a very low stop loss) and it was sold.  I sure bought a lot of Husky (HSE.TO), and increased my position by over 100 shares from last dividend update.

Compared to last update in December, I have increased the dividend portfolio income by about $300.  I have increased it by about 7.5% compared to last quarter.  It sounds good but considering I need to get to $6000, which is about $1700 away and I have 9 months left, this is not that great haha.  To increase the dividend income, I am thinking of buying a little more National Bank.  I am at about a 20% unrealized loss so far with National Bank.

Changes to the Dividend Portfolio

The changes to the dividend portfolio are as follows.  There have been a lot of reduction in dividends (obviously in my Canadian portion of the portfolio) in the past quarter.

One big change is the Husky (HSE.TO) are not giving out cash dividend anymore but instead are giving out shares, so I guess HSE.TO is dripping on my drip?  I’ll just keep it as is in my dividend portfolio update to reduce confusion, although it’s not considered ‘money distribution’ I’ll just keep it as is so that it’s not so depressing.  They say it is temporary anyway, right? Right?! 🙂

National Bank (NA.TO) increased the dividend from $0.52/share to $0.54/share which is an increase of 3.8%.  National Bank is looking cheap!

Bank of Montreal (BMO.TO) also increased their dividend from $0.82/share to $0.84/share, which represents an increase of 2.4%.

BMO Laddered Preferred Shares (ZPR.TO) aka the bane of my existence, decreased their monthly payout from $0.05/share to $0.045/share.  I am down over $3000 in unrealized losses for ZPR.

AT&T (T) increased their dividend to $0.48/share from $0.47/share, which is an increase of 2.1%.

Teck (TCK.B) unfortunately reduced their already measly $0.30/year dividend payout to $0.10/year dividend payout, which is a reduction of 60%.  Thank goodness it is not in my portfolio anymore!

Finally the XIC.TO index fund had a slight increase to $0.66 annually.

If you want to make your own spreadsheet, check out my snazzy ‘step by step guide on how to make a dividend income spreadsheet‘.

Goals for the Dividend Portfolio

As mentioned in my Personal Finance Resolutions for 2016, I hope to have $6000 a year of passive income (at least) by the end of 2016.  I will need to invest $45,000 over the in my trifecta of exchange traded funds to add to my current dividend portfolio to create the $6000 of passive income.  Currently I am sitting at about 26% of my portfolio in individual stocks, so I am not allowed to purchase anymore as it might skew it even more.  I told myself in my investor contract that I will keep it to under 25% individual stocks and have the rest in exchange traded funds.  So I’ve been contributing to my trifecta, and as that goes up then I add in a little here and there of individual stocks.

Here is my screenshot update for March 2016:

Readers, how has your dividend portfolio been doing?

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