Our moms told us we had to make this page so that they had proof when they bragged about us.  Their friends might not know what a blog is, but they know that being in the newspaper is sort of a big deal – here you go mom! We’ve been interviewed and written about in several of Canada’s leading newspapers, radio stations, and financial magazines.  In addition, we’re proud to say that our writing has been featured all over the web and across numerous publications that you might be familiar with. Below you will find a brief sampling of some of the media attention we’d like to highlight – but not such an exhaustive list as to look too proud of ourselves in a non-Canadian way.

If you’d like to interview an expert on money matters for Canadian millennials and/or Canadian students, let us know at young@youngandthrifty.ca or use our Contact Us page.  We respond to emails within 12 hours, 99% of the time. We’ve also had a great time exploring various public speaking opportunities and freelance writing assignments.  If you or your organization would like an engaging personality that will help guide and educate your audience about personal finance, then you’re in the right spot.  Let us know ASAP and we’ll get our people to call your people.

Listen in to our podcast as we interview media personalities such as: Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star Preet Banerjee of the CBC, Globe and Mail, and MoneySense Magazine (amongst others) Robb Engen of the Toronto Star and BoomerandEcho Blog Jonathon Chevreau of the Financial Post Dan Bortolotti of MoneySense Magazine Peter Hodson of Canadian Money Saver Magazine And many more…