President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard® Review

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The President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard®: At a Glance
Sign-up bonus points: 0.97% interest on balance transfers for 6 monthsQualifying annual income:  $80,000 or household income of $150,000
Annual fee: $0Recommended credit score: Fair to Good
Purchase interest rate: 19.97%Rewards: Earn 30 points: $1 on grocery spends in Loblaws/Weston stores & PC Travel; 45 points: $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart/PharmaprixM,and 10 points:$1 on everything else

Presidents Choice Financial World Elite MasterCard Review

Excellent earning opportunities and no annual fee set the President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard® apart from other rewards credit cards in Canada. Part of the President’s Choice (PC) Optimum points program, cardholders can earn rewards redeemable at participating stores. We take a look at whether the PC Financial World Elite MasterCard is truly one of the best no-fee credit cards in Canada.

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The PC Optimum Points Program: How It Works

The PC Optimum Points Program allows you to earn—and spend—PC points at nearly 2,500 locations across the country including:

  • Stores in the Loblaws/Weston family: No-Frills, Loblaws, Valu-Mart, Fortino’s, Real Canadian Superstore, Independent, and Zehr’s
  • Shoppers Drug Mart and PharmaprixMD
  • Esso/Mobil
  • President’s Choice Travel

The value of one PC Optimum point is $0.001, which is pretty average. But what makes this program so enticing is that participants can stack their earnings. This means that you can collect points multiple times on the same purchase by using in-store offers, targeted coupons, your PC Optimum card, and a linked credit card like the President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard®.

The President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard®: The Rewards

PC Financial World Elite Mastercard

The President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard® offers an outstanding points to dollar ratio, which accumulates as follows:

  • Grocery: 30 points: $1 on spends in Loblaws/Weston stores
  • Drugstore: 45 points: $1 at Shoppers Drug Mart/PharmaprixMD
  • Gas: 3 points:$1 at Esso/Mobil
  • Travel: 30 points:$1 at PC Travel
  • Everything else: 10 points:$1

Remember: these points are in addition to the points collected through other means, like coupons or in-store offers. So that means you can earn more points, faster.

The best part of this points program? Redemption is dead simple. Once you’ve accumulated the minimum points—10,000, which is worth $10—you just mention it at cash and the points are applied towards and deducted from your bill. That’s $10 redeemable in free groceries, gas, or drugstore items, or toward travel in the PC Travel store. Even better, you can spend PC Optimum Points online at the Shoppers Beauty Boutique, Joe Fresh, and PC Express websites.

Other Perks of the President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard®

PC Optimum points are the big draw for this credit card, but it does also carry a roster of fairly standard perks.

  • Introductory 6 month 0.97% interest rate on balance transfers done within 90 days
  • Travel emergency medical insurance: For those under the age of 65, coverage for up to 10 days
  • Collision, damage and theft insurance on car rentals
  • Purchase Assurance and Extended Warranty adding up to 90 days’ worth of protection on most retail purchases
  • Identity theft insurance
  • A 24/7 complimentary concierge service

Pros and Cons of the President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard®

The President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard® is excellent for those who already use their credit card for grocery, drugstore, and gas purchases at the participating retailers. Stacking points with other earning opportunities, the annual savings can be significant. Plus, there’s none of the pressure that comes with other rewards programs—PC Optimum points never expire. No annual fee means there’s nothing cutting into your earnings.

The downside? Participating in the PC Optimum points program pretty much means you’re limited to one family of stores and products both for earnings and redemptions. And while redemption is simple and the minimum of 10,000 points is easy to achieve, you have to redeem in increments of 10,000 points. This effectively means that you can apply $10 (or $20, $30, $40 and so on) to a purchase—it’s not a straight trade. There’s also no sign-up bonus giving you extra points, which is a bit of a bummer.

Finally, the qualifying annual income of $80,000, or $150,000 for a household, may prevent some lower income individuals or families from participating, though there are other lower-barrier cards in the PC MasterCard family.

The Verdict: Is the President’s Choice Financial® World Elite Mastercard® Worth It?

With no annual fee and some great savings opportunities, it’s hard to go wrong with this credit card. For large families or others who already shop at any of the participating stores, paying with this no annual fee credit card makes a lot of sense. Just know that committing to this rewards credit card means that you’re marrying into one family of stores and products tied to the PC Optimum points program — and that's just dandy if you’re feeling the love for this popular points program.

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Keph Senett

Keph Senett is a Canadian freelance writer with an interest in helping people make solid choices towards debt-free living. Her work has appeared in publications including Al Jazeera America, Greedy Rates, BBC News, and The Globe & Mail.


  1. skube on September 28, 2016 at 9:55 am

    I tried to sign-up for the PCF World Elite MC and even though they said my minimum income qualified they said my minimum annual spending did not.

  2. Kyle on September 28, 2016 at 11:27 am

    That’s weird. To be honest, I might try just stretching the truth a little. Do you maybe have a significant other that you could order a second card for in order to up the spending?

  3. Mike Erik on September 28, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    U definitely want to load your offers and shop selectively. Between the offers and 3% from the card, I often end up getting a total value of over 10% in points from my purchases. At No Frills, you can price match also!

    Not advertised openl, but you also get 3% in points when you use the card at T&T Asian Supermarkets (which is also owned by Loblaw)

  4. Sarah on September 29, 2016 at 10:06 am

    This has been a worth while card for me and use it for all my purchases. Easy to load your offers on their app and get your points balance. If you book travel through PC travel you get additional points as well. It’s a great card.

  5. Sal on September 30, 2016 at 9:50 am

    I’ve had the PC world elite MC since around April, and I love it! I do just about all my grocery shopping at No Frills, and I walk to work, so I only fill gas once in a while at the Gas Bar at RCSS. I also pay for almost everything with the card, so I rack up points quickly! If I don’t want money off groceries, I can get money off clothes from Joe Fresh (at Loblaws) or gift cards for other places (not just as gifts for other people! I’ve bought Google Play Store gift cards for myself for music/apps).

  6. Simon on October 2, 2016 at 11:52 am

    We have been using the Elite master card from PC for the last year or so, and have been pleased with it. One other point is if you use it to buy gas at a PC gas bar you get 7 cents back per litre towards free groceries. We have found it to be a significant way to save money by putting all our purchases on the card and getting points for free food. Just make sure to pay the balance in full every month.

  7. Leonie on October 3, 2016 at 1:10 am

    I have the PC etlite card. Need to link it to the PC points card and you wll get extra points to buy the stuff you regularly buy.
    Also the 7 cents a litre off at gas bar when combined with the PC plus card
    Buy the workplace lotto at Shoppers.
    The only con I find is the $20 redemption and multiples of $10 thereafter.
    I use this card in conbination with the free Tangerine Mastercard. 2% back in 3 catagories that you select and can change. Obviusly not supermarket. My selections are periodic bills like cell bill, restaurants and gas, ( Gas bars are not always convenient). Change it to hardware when you are going to make a big purchase. Furnace/ hot water tank/ renovation
    I do all my 1% transactions on Tangerine as I can redeem the whole cash back every month and not only multiples of $20

  8. Joseph Soucy on October 14, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    Sure would be interested in your defense of the statement “George Weston & Loblaws are taking over the grocery world” It would seem to me that Walmart(you know that U.S. company),,is pushing hard??

  9. Kyle on October 14, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    That’s a valid point Joseph, I guess we just meant in terms of the all the acquisitions over the past couple of decades in the Canadian market.

  10. Kyle on October 14, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Heck, now that I think about, I believe you could make the argument Amazon is a major threat as well.

  11. Leonie on January 17, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Kyle, Very diappointed, that such a money whiz, is not getting the most out of a generous rewards card.

    If you click on this weeks offers sent every Thursday, then it is generally 10-20% off items offered. Sometimes it is 50% off softsoap, or something most people use. Or $10 off a $100 minimum grocery bill.

    Ignore the email is ignoring free money

    As they get to know what you buy regularly, then the about 75% of the offers become what you regularly buy.

    So you are getting 20 %percent off your regular grocery costs. Not all the bill, but things that are on offer that week.

    Frustrating thing is that they tend to send you the offer of the item after you buy it. So you buy a kilo of coffee and then they send you an 20% offer to buy that coffee tin the following Thursday.

    If you plan to buy a large amount of something, and it is not on the offers, just buy one, and sure enough it will be there in the next week.

    Regular fruit and veg purchases are always there. Bananas, apples tomatoes, bagged salad etc.10-20% off. well you get points

    Or try to wait for desired regular item to pop up. It will every month or so.

    I buy my work’s coffee supply there. I try to time the $80 purchase to offer week. PC ground coffee is great and cheap

    I buy my Workplace Lotto at Shoppers. They take CC for lotto. (The kiosks in Superstore are independent)

    Pharmacy purchases at No Frills.

    Prescriptions are expensive at Shoppers so check out how much over the odds you are paying to get 3% back.

    Shoppers has great deals on pizzas.

    Combine the points card and Mastercard to get 7 cents a litre back in groceries.

    Especially important if you are writing off your car costs. You pay and claim regular price but get 7c back in groceries.

    Then they start throwing money at you to try the online pick up service. If I had a family, that would be regularly used. Park and they bring the groceries to you

    I make about $30 a month in groceries. I know of other reward card can give $360 a year on a free card, for an average of $1500 a month spent.

    Points can be used as a nest egg. Say if you are saving for Xmas, which can be an expensive time for a family at the grocery store. The points are there to help with an expensive season or occasion.

    I have seen people use it in this manner when they are on fixed incomes. They do not redeem every $20, but save them up. When money is tight, they have free groceries that week/ month

    Its a no brainer, if you shop at at Loblaws business regularly.

  12. brian on January 27, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    This comment from above poster “skube” states as follows

    “””I tried to sign-up for the PCF World Elite MC and even though they said my minimum income qualified they said my minimum annual spending did not.”””

    The income requirement for the world elite card is 80,000.00
    From the website it stipulates that “””To upgrade from another PC Financial Mastercard, the same income or a minimum $25,000 annual spending on the card is required.”””
    As you will notice is says “OR” … not both income & annual spending .

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