Relationships, Engagements, and Weddings – Say “I Don’t” to Debt

Between 40% and 50% of divorces happen because of money-related issues depending on what survey you read.  Do we really need any more proof that this personal finance thing is important?

$32,358 Average wedding cost (Wedding Bells Magazine)

Average bride thinks engagement ring should 4K, still need wedding bands there too buddy

Pre Nup?  Breaking off?  Common law?

Keeping it simple

The truth is that investing for most people should be very very simple.  Our FREE eBook’s subtitle is “Low Maintenance and Stellar Returns”.  In it, you’ll find the exact investing portfolio that I use and why I use it.  The book takes about 20 minutes to read through, and I’m sure that by the end I’ll have convinced you that investing does not need to be difficult or time consuming.  I honestly spend maybe a half-hour every few months checking my investments – and that’s it!  It’s called “passive investing” or “couch potato investing” for a reason.

Either download the book, and or browse through more than 250 well-researched articles readily available for you on


Minimizing Your Investment Fees as a Canadian

Canadians pay the highest fees to financial advisors in the world through hidden mutual fund costs.  By learning a few small pieces of terminology, and reading a few articles on the tools that we use, anyone can become a DIY investor and learn to control their own financial fate, instead of leaving it in the hands of people who might not have their best interests at heart.

All people need to succeed as an investor is basic grade nine math (honestly, most of it is just basic ratios and percentages, it’s no more complicated than understanding hockey players plus/minus numbers or a goalie’s save percentage) and a willingness to ask questions when we don’t know something.  For some reason talking about money and investments is taboo, and very few teachers have any idea about this stuff, so we’re never really exposed to any natural learning opportunities.  This information imbalance is massively exploited to the tune of hundreds of billion dollars every year in Canada.

Don’t be that person that is afraid to ask a question for fear of looking dumb!  Let us help you Keep It Simple and Stellar (KISS). View our comprehensive Investing Guide Below (the best articles are highlighted for your convenience):

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