Relationships, Engagements, and Weddings – Say “I Don’t” to Debt

Between 40% and 50% of divorces happen because of money-related issues depending on what survey you read.  Do we really need any more proof that this personal finance thing is important?

$32,358 Average wedding cost Wedding Bells Magazine

Average bride thinks engagement ring should 4K, still need wedding bands there too buddy

Pre Nup?  Breaking off?  Common law?

Cohabitation Agreements and Living Together Common Law

The Cost of Canadian Weddings Today

How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts Tactfully

Joint or Personal Accounts for Couples?

Would You Buy an Engagement Ring on Amazon?

Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

How to Split the Costs of Dating

Eloping vs a Destination Wedding

The Cost of Destination Weddings vs Traditional Weddings

How Much is That Wedding in The Window?

10 Financial Tips for Newlyweds

How to Split Finances With Your Partner

The topic of how to split finances with your significant other has been discussed many times before by other personal finance bloggers and also by myself.  There are different ways to split household expenses and one way might work well for one couple and another way...

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Destination Wedding or Stay at Home Wedding: Which are We Choosing

So much has happened in the past six years since I started this blog!  I can't believe I have the great fortune to be able to make this decision (finally).  Although it didn't turn out to be with who I thought it would be (life always throws you a curve ball right) I...

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Why Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is a Good Option

Everything is done online these days.  Banking.  Dating.  Shopping.  So why not consider buying an engagement ring online? Earlier last year, my amazing boyfriend suggested that we go shopping for engagement rings together.  I admittedly felt a little shy about doing...

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Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring Online in Canada

More and more people are purchasing their engagement rings online.  Despite the poor USD to CAD exchange rate, many people are purchasing their engagement rings online.  If you have USD exchanged already this may be an even better option for you than a traditional...

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Have the Money Talk Before the Marriage Talk

More and more of my friends are tying the knot and as an individual with an interest in personal finance, I think it is important to reinforce that everyone should have the money talk before the marriage talk.  Because marriage and joining your life together is a...

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ZQuiet Snore Guard Review

People are usually surprised to hear that I snore like a freight train but I do.  It's actually a pretty bad problem.  My ex used to kick me out of the room to the second bedroom because I snored so badly (which is why he is now an ex I suppose!).  When I go traveling...

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Why I Love my Boyfriend

I know that some people hate when I write about personal stuff on this blog and others like it because it's a little bit of voyeurism into other people's lives (which you have to admit, is interesting for many).  For those who are new to reading Y&, I've been...

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Why Spoiling Your Children Might Backfire

This post is inspired by a powerful and poignant Lifehack article on What do Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have in Common?  Their Kids Aren't Rich.  In that article, the author talks about how Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are both billionaires many times over, and...

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10 Financial Tips For Newlyweds

I recently had my wedding at the end of January and there has been no shortage of people offering me advice on how to have a successful marriage.  I didn’t realise this, but apparently every couple thinks that their relationship is the best in the world, and that many...

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