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SquareOne Insurance is an home insurance company that offers Canadians fast and convenient policies from a 100% online platform. You’ll save money by fully customizing your policy and selecting only the coverage you need. The process to obtain a quote is fast and easy and takes about five minutes.

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  • Fast and convenient online home insurance
  • Highly customizable coverage
  • Competitive pricing

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About SquareOne Insurance

SquareOne Insurance is a licensed insurance brokerage that opened its doors in 2011. It operates in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. SquareOne Insurance was founded to modernize the process of buying home insurance, which, at the time, hadn’t changed much in decades. With SquareOne Insurance, you can purchase home insurance for your detached home, condo, or rental or vacation property quickly and easily for as little as $12 per month.

Key Features

  • Variety of insurance: Buy insurance for your detached home, townhouse, condo, duplex, rental or vacation property.
  • Digital platform: Get a quote, buy a policy and even submit your claim entirely online, from the comfort of your home.
  • High-level protection: SquareOne Insurance is inexpensive but still offers the highest level of insurance available in Canada. Their coverage includes common perils and costs to rebuild.
  • Personalized coverage: Protect your personal property and your home’s contents, including laptops, smartphones, and furniture. This coverage is variable, so you only pay to insure what you own.
  • Straightforward claims: Making a claim is easy and can be done entirely online. You’ll be assigned a dedicated adjuster to complete your claims process swiftly.
  • No fixed contracts: Pay monthly or annually with no fixed-term contract

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SquareOne Insurance Pricing

SquareOne Insurance handles its insurance pricing a little differently than other insurance companies. Instead of fixed-term contracts, SquareOne Insurance offers interest-free monthly or annual payments. Below is an outline of what you can expect to pay with SquareOne Insurance.

Insurance Starting Rates
Detached Homes$40/month
Townhouse or Rowhouse$40/month
Semi-Detached or Duplex$75/month
Rental Property$40/month for condos

$75/month for houses
Vacation Property$40/month for condos

$75/month for houses
Renter's Insurance$12/month
Other InsuranceAirbnb insurance $40/month

Fire insurance $12/month

So just how much cheaper is SquareOne Insurance? We requested quotes for a townhouse in Vancouver, British Columbia, and found that, on average, SquareOne Insurance was about 19% cheaper than the nearest competitor.

Types of Insurance Services Offered

SquareOne Insurance offers a variety of insurance types that cover both your home and your personal property, including:

  • Home Coverage: Includes coverage of the building and detached structures like fences and landscaping.
  • Personal property: Includes mandatory coverage for personal property within the home and optional extra coverage for valuables like bicycles, sporting equipment, fine arts and collectibles, jewelry and watches, and business property.
  • Tenant insurance: Includes coverage for personal belongings against major types of  loss such as fire, theft and accidental damage.
  • Other Coverage: Most SquareOne Insurance policies include coverage for additional living expenses, rental income protection (for if you lose rental income due to damage from an insured loss), identity theft and financial losses coverage, and liability insurance.
  • Disaster Coverage: Optional extra disaster coverage includes earthquakes, inland floods, and hail.

Pros and Cons


  • Online application — Obtain insurance totally online
  • No contracts — Pay monthly or annually with no fixed-rate contracts
  • Best coverage — Automatically access the highest coverage in Canada
  • Low rates — Rates tend to be lower than other insurers
  • Flexible coverage — Only pay for the coverage you need
  • Single adjuster during claims — One adjuster will stick with you during your claim to see it through
  • Client dashboard — See your current coverage anytime from the online dashboard


  • No insurance bundles — No auto insurance means no discounts for bundling multiple insurances
  • Non-refundable premiums — If you cancel your coverage, $50 of your premium is non-refundable
  • No in-person option — Not suitable for non-tech savvy folks
  • Limited availability — Not available in every province yet

How Does SquareOne Compare?

SquareOne Insurance customers report being satisfied with the coverage they’ve received, saying that SquareOne Insurance is an excellent alternative to traditional insurance companies. As a bonus, when we compare SquareOne Insurance’s rates to other insurers, we have found that you’ll save around 19% on your insurance costs – which can add up to hundreds of dollars over years of homeownership.

One thing to consider: SquareOne Insurance is not a rate comparison website like InsuranceHotline.com. Instead, it’s a one-stop-shop for home and renter’s insurance, a place where you can obtain a competitive quote in as little as 15 minutes. On the downside, you can’t compare quotes using a single search; but on the plus side, you can buy insurance directly from the site, instead of waiting to connect with a third party.

Compared to APOLLO tenant’s insurance policy premiums (which starts at $17 per month), SquareOne Insurance’s tenant’s insurance policies are slightly cheaper starting at $12/month. Both companies offer basic policies with the following coverage:

  • Personal property/personal contents: This type of insurance covers your belongings in case they are damaged or stolen.
  • Personal liability/personal premise liability: This type of insurance protects you from anyone suing you for damages. For example if you flood your apartment or someone injures themselves on your rented property.
  • Additional living expenses: If you have to leave your home and stay elsewhere due to repairs, etc., this insurance covers you for costs such as meals and hotel/AirBnb.

However, which insurance company best meets your needs depends on a number of factors, including how much coverage you need, where you live, what kind of property you want to insure, and how much deductible you want to pay. To find the best coverage, get a quote from both providers and see who offers the best option tailored to your personal insurance needs.

How to Get a Home Insurance Quote with SquareOne

SquareOne Insurance claims to be an easy source of online home insurance for Canadians, so we thought we would put them to the test. Here’s how to get a quote for SquareOne Insurance.

The first step is to find your address on SquareOne Insurance’s main page. Once you’ve entered your address, SquareOne Insurance will ask you a variety of questions about the property, including:

  • Whether you own the home, rent it, or live in a co-op
  • The type of home
  • The year you purchased the home
  • Who will live in the home
  • Whether you will participate in home-sharing programs
  • Whether you will conduct business in the home
  • Whether you have dogs, and if so, which breeds

You’ll also answer questions about the home’s construction, including whether there is a basement, the year the house was built, and the square footage.

After you’ve completed the questionnaire (which takes about five minutes), you’ll be prompted to create a profile.


After you’ve created your profile, SquareOne Insurance will ask you questions about any previous home insurance policies you may have had and request permission to perform a soft check on your credit score.

Now it’s time to customize your coverage. You can choose whether to insure extra detached structures, bicycles, sporting equipment, business equipment, fine arts, personal property, or additional living expenses as well as get condo owner’s protection,

Finally, you’ll select your deductible. Remember, a higher deductible results in a lower premium. Once you’ve chosen your deductible, SquareOne Insurance will tell you the final premium and outline which coverages you’ve selected or declined. At this point, you have the opportunity to have the quote emailed to you or to proceed with the quote immediately and secure your insurance.

SquareOne Insurance: The Verdict 

When it comes to insuring your home, most Canadians want a well-known brand they can trust. After all, your home is your biggest asset, and you want to make sure you have insurance with a company that will be there for you when you need them.

Based on our research and the first-hand experiences of many Canadians, SquareOne Insurance is an excellent addition to the current home insurance companies in Canada. It offers fast and convenient home insurance at a lower price than its competitors. It is a fully licensed insurance provider and has excellent reviews.

When it’s time to review your current home insurance coverage, or if you’ve recently purchased a home and are looking for home insurance for the first time, SquareOne Insurance should be at the top of your list of potential candidates.

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