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If you're looking for a list of new personal finance blogs you should be reading ASAP, look no further. This list has something for everyone.

Young and Thrifty is what I’d consider an OG Canadian personal finance blog, full of in-depth articles and resources and comparisons. If you’ve been exploring the site, none of this comes as a surprise to you – and if you haven’t, start here. You’re welcome.

But… And no judgement here, because I’m with you… what if you want to add a few new personal finance blogs to your Twitter timeline or your RSS feed? Maybe some… GASP SHOCK OUTRAGE… newer blogs?

It’s a miracle any of this got past the editorial process here, I know.

Don’t get me wrong either, I am a card-carrying super-fan of established financial bloggers.

I met Rob Carrick once, and there was zero chill involved.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that when I was a newly-minted blogger with my oh-so-awkward first few blog posts out in the world, I creeped this list of personal finance bloggers hard to figure out who I should be adding to my RSS feed.

The beauty of the internet, however, is that things change, and people (vehemently) disagree all the time. Keeping your mind – and your Twitter timeline – open to a wide range of personal finance voices is the best way to make sure you’re really seeing all sides of the hot topics in money today.

Like, debt snowball or debt avalanche? If you only read one person’s hot take, you might not see the benefits of the other approach – and no, I’m not about to get in the middle of that hot potato discussion.

There’s a lot of heat there for a conversation about snow, is anyone else hearing this?

So without further ado, I’ve got eight Canadian personal finance blogs you need to add to your routine ASAP, and two of our American neighbours to round out the list to an even ten. Follow them on Twitter, cheer with them as they hit their goals, and disagree with them where and when you think best.

The Canadian Contingent

Jaymee, Smart Woman

Jaymee is a registered nurse who’s blogging about her goals to reach early retirement – even though she’s not quite sure on how she’s planning to get there just yet. See, Jaymee is a millennial, and while she wants to reach financial independence and retire early, she’s also working through some other big financial goals a lot of us share, like buying a house and managing debt. That perspective makes her blog much more relatable than your average “I live in a shack but look at my savings rate!” early retirement blogs, at least in my opinion.

You can connect with her on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post to start with, try reading about her average monthly expenses as a new homeowner.

Andrew, Family Money Plan

If you’re a little bit further along in your financial journey, and you’ve got a mini-me or two along for the ride, you definitely want to check out Andrew’s blog, Family Money Plan. He blogs from a 30-something perspective about everything from trips to Disney to paying off your mortgage – which he and his family managed to do in just six years. He’s got a great, approachable perspective on how to manage your money well when it’s not just you anymore, so if you can’t just unilaterally cancel cable these days? Check his stuff out for sure.

You can connect with him on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this post where he asks if you’re living your story – or someone else’s.

Alyssa, Mixed Up Money

Back to the millennials for a hot second, Alyssa is the money BFF you never knew you were missing. As a millennial who wants to enjoy her life and do the big things like buy a house someday, or host a wedding, Alyssa brings a totally real-life perspective to money as a self-professed non-expert. You can always count on her for hilarious videos (her Youtube channel is a must) and excellent GIFs to emphasize a point.

You can connect with her on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this one about not letting people judge your weird reasoning.

Sarah, Smile & Conquer

Sarah is a blogger in Edmonton, Alberta, who blogs about everything from tax refunds to real-life stories, like the time she ran into a parked car. It’s that relatability that makes her blog such a fun read, and she works in finance by day so you know she’s legit. It’s that extra bit of perspective that helps her drop truth bombs about things like how choosing a financial planner is like buying a house – and how we should all treat it just as seriously.

You can connect with her on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this one about how to fix an RRSP over-contribution.

Jackie, Undo my Debt

Jackie takes the cake as the newest blogger on the list, since she started chronicling her debt repayment journey on December 31st, 2016. With a few months under her belt, she’s making serious progress on her goal of eliminating all of her debt by the end of this year. She blogs about her debt repayment journey, obviously, but also pops up with great posts like how she reduced her spending by 80% (seriously!).

You can connect with her on Twitter here, or if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this one where she breaks down exactly how she managed to cut her spending by 80%.

Jamie, Two Cents Together

Jamie has a different but equally amazing debt repayment story: She paid off $41,500 in student loans in just 18 months, and is now on to the next step, aka saving and investing for the future. Her story is inspiring and relatable at the same time, and she has a great sense of humour about it too – I mean, you’ve got to love anyone who can blog about whether paying down their debt turned them into a self-help junkie, right?

She’s not active on Twitter, but if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this one about whether fear is holding you back from investing.

Chris, From Rags to Reasonable

Chris is a magical unicorn. I mean… a professional opera singer slash financial planner. (I know, I stand by my unicorn statement too.)

His blog, From Rags to Reasonable, grew out of his desire to help artists and creative industry professionals manage their money in a way that helped them feel stable – and not totally panicked every time the word “money” was uttered in their presence. Obviously, as an artist himself, he really gets the issues facing people who rely on variable income and who see themselves as right-brain first, money never – but he’s also incredibly effective at helping them change that!

Chris is joining the Young and Thrifty team as a contributing writer, so make sure to keep an eye out for his posts around these parts. You can connect with him on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post of his to start with, try this one about how you’re not useless if you can’t figure out how to budget (it’s hard!).

Desirae, Half Banked

This is awkward, because… this is me. Hi! I’m Desirae. I write about my half-baked attempts to save half of my income over at Half Banked (you see the wordplay now, right?) Along with Chris, I’m joining the team here at Young and Thrifty as a writer, so you’ll be hearing from me on topics like managing money as a millennial, buying a house, figuring out money when it comes to your friendships and love-ships, and more.

You can find me on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post of mine to check out, try this one about why – and how! – you should be tracking your spending.

The US Ambassadors to The List

Bitches Get Riches

Piggy and Kitty are the pseudonyms these darling human beings chose to go by when they started up a personal finance blog in 2016, and what a personal finance blog it is. With titles like “You Are above Bottled Water, You Elegant Land Mermaid“ I think you probably have a pretty good idea of the kind of wit, sass and writing you’ll find on their blog. Their articles are always hilarious, and I’m counting the days until someone gives them a book deal.

You can find them on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this one about how we romanticize the “side hustle”.

Kara, Bravely

Kara is the brains behind Bravely, a company that aims to connect women and money. Her company does a lot of in-person workshops and events, but alongside that she runs a pretty fantastic blog with some killer guest writers, to bring her work to an even wider audience. When she’s behind the wheel of the blog, she writes frankly and openly about building a business without a rich partner bankrolling it, or a trust fund to fall back on, and she’s just as open about pretty much every other money topic you could hope for.

You can connect with her on Twitter here, and if you’re looking for a post to start with, try this one about how she started her business – and what it cost her, exactly.

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