The Frugal Life – Save Money Now, Live Large Later

We have to admit right up front, clipping coupons and cutting our expenses to the minimum is not our strong suit.  There are other folks out there that can tell you how to reuse your Ziploc sandwich bags and coffee beans.  We’re not those folks.

That said, we’d rather invest in big companies than buy stuff we don’t need from them.

If you are all about discipline and an advocate for a purely minimalist lifestyle, all the power to you.  We’re more big picture guys.  You want to save money when buying a home, we got that.  You want some quick and easy ways to save money when shopping over the internet?  You’re in the right spot.  If you came here to find out ways to stack coupons… uh… we’ll get back to you.

A couple areas we really shine in are saving money on banking fees and getting delicious eats at a price that won’t break your credit card.  Scroll down to find out how to save on those items.

We pride ourselves on being pound-wise, if sometimes penny-foolish (you gotta live sometime right)?   *Fighting urge to quote obnoxious high school-inspired acronyms that sound like yogurt brands*  Consequently, you’ll find some great stuff on Young and Thrifty about how spending 15 minutes on a boring phone call can lead to you negotiating much lower prices on everyday expenses such as your phone bill, Sirius subscription, or cable deal.


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