Sorry this is non finance related, but just wanted to tell y’all that Friday at work the Olympic torch came by, so couldn’t resist taking a peek at it and seeing what the buzz was all about.

I got to take a picture with the torch too!  Those torch bearers are like instant-celebs! I should have applied to be a torch bearer in hindsight- it would’ve been fun to wear that snazzy outfit.
There was a huge crowd and I couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement.  There was drumming, everyone was smiling, and cheering.. it was great! It made me feel like such a proud Canadian- not just wearing that Canadian flag on my backpack when I travel lol!  Seeing this level of patriotism for Canada is so great- I get kind of teary-eyed thinking about it!

Here are some pictures:

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The Rat says:

The game was ridiculously close and it shows that no team is going to take the gold easily in this tournament. I had the courage to stay up for the Russia vs Slovakia game afterwords and fell asleep in the 3rd period! (ouch)

Yeah, the Gretzky think kinda puzzled me. I totally agree with you on the Terry Fox thing. I was telling my friends and family that it would have been awesome to see Wayne Gretzky come up to a hologram image of Terry Fox and have Terry somehow ‘subliminally’ light the torch. It would have been cool for something like that while having Gretzky be a part of it.

I would say it is absolute euphoria in Vancouver right now. I wish I was there for all the excitement. I love OLP! I saw them in Halifax when they toured for their debut album and again in Moncton for a Summersault concert that they organized. Great band. I bought their newest one a few months back and only liked a few songs however.

The Rat
.-= The Rat

The Rat says:

I think the Olympics have been so much fun to watch thus far. Did you see the nail-biter in the Canada vs Switzerland tonight? Crosby won it in a shootout! Wohoo!

One thing I would have liked to have seen different regarding the opening ceremonies was when they had Wayne Gretzky in the back pan of a Chevy pickup truck driving for like 20 minutes before lighting the torch. He almost fell down while carrying it for heaven’s sake. I realize that its hard to have him inside a vehicle with a torch in his hand, but it would have been nice to see something a little different for that part. Anyway, I almost didn’t mention it because it sounds a bit cynical, its just that I found it odd a bit, especially with one of the organizers sitting on the box door.

My 2 cents.
.-= The Rat

young says:

The Rat,
No, I didn’t see the nail biter, but I heard it was really close! Thank goodness we won!
I agree about the Wayne Gretzky thing- it seemed so anticlimactic and he looked kind of scared on top of that truck bed. He also didn’t look like a happy camper! I thought that they would honour Terry Fox somewhere in there, but they didn’t.

That being said, I’m a HUGE fan of all the free stuff going down here in Vancouver! I just saw Our Lady Peace for FREE! (well minus my tax dollars, I guess!)