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youngandthrifty shares her arsenal of Canadian Deal websites she frequents to take advantage of deals and coupons in a pledge to never pay retail again!

There are a plethora of websites that can help you scour the great deals and make sure you never pay full price (or sometimes even pay anything at all!) for goods. These websites are the “must read” websites for any person who identifies themselves as frugal in Canada who refuse to pay full price. The fine line here with these websites, is to make sure one doesn’t go overboard and buy something for the sake of it being on sale (which I tend to struggle with myself).

The following websites are updated on a daily basis (if not multiple times a day), so you can be rest assured that you are getting the latest deal. Some of these deals, once posted, may last only a matter of hours, due to their popularity. Also, some of the websites have some overlap (e.g. You may see the same ‘deal’ on multiple websites).  Just click on the title to head over to their sites to take a gander (sorry my hyperlink is a bit screwed up.  Apologize in advance for my lack of HTML skills 😉 )

Red Flag Deals

The granddaddy of them all (now bought out and owned by Yellow Pages group -YLO) is Red Flag Deals. Red Flag Deals has been so kind to me and such a great tool and resource. For example, I found out about my free Gucci glasses courtesy of Clearly Contacts, and I find out about the latest freebies and great deals. The site is so well-known that oftentimes they have what’s called the “Red Flag Deal” effect- once a great deal is posted, a few hours later, because of all the Red Flag Deal readers getting in on the action, the deal is done and it is sold out, or the freebie is all distributed. They have a great “Latest Deals” page and haveMost Popular Deals (whereby members can vote for good deals that are shared amongt members) page, as well as a very active forum on contests, good deals in electronics, home and garden, beauty, and even a section on personal finance. I used to check Red Flag Deals religiously (like every day) and now I check it at least a few times a week.

Smart Canucks

Smart Canucks claims to be the big kahuna, the largest coupon and shopping deals community. They are indeed large, the website has coupons, freebies, contests, reviews etc. Like Red Flag Deals. They are a great resource for coupons. They have over 100,000 members and have launched in 2006.

Bargain Moose

Run by Anna, a 29 year old super girl and self-confessed shopaholic, this website has been around since 2008 and is really funky and good looking- very Canuckesque with the snowshoes and a Trans-Canada highway sign on her header. She posts the latest deals and freebies that readers find or she finds. For example, I found out about free shipping from La Senza (aka the Canadian Victoria Secret) the other day on her website and took advantage of the free shipping deal on some clearance merchandise you could get online (I hate paying for shipping).

She had a guest post, 10 tips for avoiding travel trauma and saving money on my site a while back, and I also did a guest post on her page on 5 tips for eco-travel on a budget.  Guess we’re both into traveling 😉

Mrs January

I recently got started with Mrs January- I think I started following her on twitter, and then checked out her page and fell in love! I now check this one quite often too, at least a few times a week…and perhaps compulsively every day, but I won’t admit to it. She shares some great deals, some of my favourites being her posts on what she buys and how much she pays and how much she saves (almost an Extreme Couponer, by Canadian standards, anyway!). She also shares the weekly flyers (for stores such as Zellers, Superstore, No Frills, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart etc.) and matches them up with coupons that are circulating or that you can sign up for easily.
For example, recently Ziplock bags were on sale at No Frills for $2 a box. There was a coupon you can print out (and she shares a link to where you can get the coupon) for $4 off any two ziplock bag purchases. This renders the Ziplock bag purchase FREE! She recently added a “printable coupons” button on her page so you can get in on the couponing action instantaneously.

She also has tattoos (which makes her instantly cool, of course) and even shares some tips via video like how to make your own glass/mirror cleaner with vinegar and water.

Grocery Alerts

This website is run by my fellow British Columbian, Steve Zussino. They upload the weekly flyers so you don’t have to waste newspaper and also share the latest deals and freebies for groceries on his website. Steve and Lina have saved $1700 so far in the past nine months using smart shopping techniques, coupons, and understanding sale cycles. Steve also posts some great contests regularly on his website. Check out their recent video on how to do extreme couponing in Canada. They recently started a coupon trader service from their website, so you can get rid of the coupons you don’t want for the coupons you do want.

He also interviewed me about my grocery shopping habits a while back- you can take a sneak peak in my fridge at the end of his post (warning you!  It’s messy).

Canadian Daily Deals

Run by Justine is another site that posts multiple times a day of the latests freebies, promotions, coupons, and deals. She often updates on twitter and has a nice sidebar where you can find the latest deal from the store you want (e.g. You can check out from Ikea, for example).


Frugalis is very active on twitter (I think they tweet about every hour on average). It lets you check out savings in your city (though there aren’t that many listed as a link). This is a good website to check out if you are wanting a specific deal for a specific store. It doesn’t post in a “blog style” like the other websites.

Fabulous Savings

Fabulous Savings.ca has online coupons for Canadians and a lot of their coupons are exclusive to them.  Their website is very clean looking and looks like they have a lot of “pull” with the merchants out there (taking a closer look, it looks as though they have a Fabulous Savings based out of the United Kingdom AND the United States– talk about being big and international!).

Canadian Free Stuff

A website including not only great deals, but also free stuff (like freebies, contests, free samples, you name it!).  Theresa is also quite active on Twitter and has a following of 5000 on twitter.  You can also win some giveaways on her site too!  She also has some product reviews along with these giveaways.  Another great Canadian Deals website!


Readers: Have I missed any great Canadian deals, coupons, and freebies websites that you like? Which of the ones I have mentioned do you tend to frequent the most?

Article comments

Salman Shabbir says:

Shopins.ca has very good deals

Richard says:

Have you heard of Drop? You can earn points at places like McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, etc. It’s pretty cool.

Pierre Smith says:

Someone from the FB page called Amazing Canada Deals (ACD) had sent me a message after seeing my posts on the excellent Bargain Barrels’ FB page (BB). He invited me to see his FB page where he does the same thing as BB does. I submitted a comment on ACD’s page about an item he was showing (a TV tuner card) to point out that it was very limited because it did not have an ATSC tuner. Result: I can no longer post comments on ACD’s page. Now, I buy nearly every day from Amazon and this guy can kiss my money goodbye…

Nader Khalil says:

Want to mention Amazing canada deals ( very similar to bargain barrels ) both are great if you like shopping on amazon.ca ( if you don’t already you are missing out)

Kathleen says:

I run restaurantdailydeals.ca which is a great website listing restaurant food and drink specials. I think we are worthy of the list!

Ruth Donsky says:

This ‘business’ completely ignored my request for assistance, formerly known as ‘support’. They responded, after a fashion and after a time, by fobbing me off. I got the standard “we’d like to help you but unfortunately it’s out of our hands”. WHY, you ask? Because I bought a voucher from nCrowd for take-out food from Parsa, a Persian kitchen in Toronto. Long before my voucher expired, I tried to contact the business, but couldn’t get an answer. So then I tried to contact nCrowd to inquire about Parsa. nCrowd never answered the phone either. Ever. After poking around on the computer, I found out from Boom Street that the latter had ‘taken over’ nCrowd, but not, of course, to the extent of honouring their vouchers. I wrote at least 6 times for support, and got the identical stock answer 5 times. They didn’t care and made it crystal clear that I could jump in the lake. Doing business with Boom Street means they take your money and burn it. Customers mean nothing to them, once the fool and his money have parted. I’d like to do my part to warn people away from this business. It’s a fraud!!!

avalon says:

I use savings guru. And only savings guru 🙂

Connie Davis says:

Want to mention,”Bargain Barrels” who was real respected deal poster from the RFD ,who’s doing it now on Facebook…..Crazy Bargains.


freebie diva says:

I am a fairly new blogger but have been searching the latest deals, coupons, freebies, and more for several years now.

I update on a daily basis and usually do it first thing in the morning so my readers can grab those deals while they are hot.

I love Canadian Free Stuff as well as Bargain Moose and Smartcanucks and have been following them for quite some time now.

Much work goes into finding all these latest offers and I am so glad I can do the same.

Reporter says:

There are plenty of websites that share with you the latest coupons to save you a few bucks and even get you some freebies too. If you call your self

There is also http://www.freesamples-canada.com/ .It has one of the largest savers community in Canada so I believe it’s really worth mentioning it 🙂

Emily Andrews says:

I am not sure if anyone has posted this yet. But the BEST site is one sort of like KAYAK by showing you what all of the different sites offer – http://www.cakedeals.com- it brings EVERY deal site together and gives it to you in one neat and tidy email 🙂

young says:

@Emily Andrews- Thanks! This seems more like a “daily deal” website, it’s great! Very tempting though- the list for Vancouver is so ridiculously long!! I would probably go off budget big time if I looked at this website regularly 😉

Thomas says:

These articles about Daily Deal sites always forget about http://www.pricedodger.com which is by far my favorite daily deals website.

cassie says:

Thank you so much for the mention. 🙂

young says:

@Cassie- You’re welcome! Thanks for updating me with all the great deals!

Awesome links! Thanks for sharing. I’ve bookmarked a few already. =D

young says:

@The Asian Pear- Glad you like it! 🙂

There are just so many deal sites out there now! Did you know that 20% of all deals are never used and go to waste??? http://www.sellmydeal.com is an aftermarket for daily deals. People can sell deals they dont want and buy deals they missed from other daily deal sites. Think stubhub but for daily deals!!

SavingMentor says:

Your top 3 listed are probably also my top three but I also love all of the smaller sites you listed too and visit them a lot. The amount of work Justine @ CanadianDailyDeals puts into her site is truly amazing.

Nice list!

young says:

@SavingMentor- Cool- glad to hear that we both like the same deals sites!

Justine says:

Thanks for the mention, being mentioned next to these huge deals sites is an honour! 🙂

young says:

@Justine- You’re welcome! Thanks for posting great deals for us Canadians regularly! 😉

Sustainable PF says:

I also like Kijiji. You can find some super deals on gently used goods @ your local Kijiji.

young says:

@Sustainable PF- Kijiji is like Craiglist, no? 🙂

Echo says:

I don’t know if this is classified as a “deal” or coupon site, but I like Great Canadian Rebates for doing all of my online shopping. It acts as a portal linking you to thousands of online retailers, and the best part is you get a percentage of your purchase back in cash!

young says:

@Echo- Ahh I forgot about that one, thanks! 🙂 It’s like a deal upon a deal, sort of like a dream within a dream in Inception 😉

Bargainmoose says:

Thanks for the mention hunny!!

young says:

@Bargainmoose- You’re welcome! Keep up the awesomeness!

Thanks for the mention – we really appreciate the support.

young says:

@Steve Zussino- You’re welcome Steve! Keep up the great work!