I hope everyone had a good New Years! (And aren’t too hungover the day after!)

I know this list may seem quite obvious, but I thought I would keep it light today and post about the top four things to buy after Christmas and New Years.

Top Four Things to Buy after Christmas and New Years:

  • Christmas Cards and Holiday decorations

All Christmas cards and holiday decorations are guaranteed at least 50% off.  Great time to stock up for next year.  You won’t be stressed out trying to find cards and save money finding cards, it’s a win-win situation (just don’t misplace them, otherwise it will negate this attempt at saving  money).  If you don’t save your decorations (you should though) it’s a great time to stock up on decorations for next year.

  • Calenders

shopping bags

This is my all-time favourite thing to buy after New Year’s.  Although it is very very tempting to buy your calender before January 1 so you can organize the rest of your 2011… before 2011 actually rolls around, you will save at least 50-70% off calenders if you just wait a few more days.  A lot of the seasonal calender shops pack it up and leave after their inventory clears out, so act fast for the discount or else your favourite calender- “Hawaiian tropic babes of 2011” or “Hot Hot Hot Firemen of 2011” might be gone.

  • Boxed Chocolates and Baked Goods

Oftentimes, there are seasonally packaged boxed chocolates that are just begging to be swept of the shelves and shoved and melted into your mouth.  The retailers don’t want these green and red packaged boxes sticking around so they’ll be slashing the prices- good for us!  Also, no one wants to sell stale gingerbread cookies, right?

  • Electronics

This one is specifically for After Christmas (aka Boxing Day) but often the good sales happen in January.  There can be a lot of good deals to be found, but you may have to start lining up at 0430 am to get them.  BF is banking on getting a ginormous flat screen LED television, because he seems to believe that bigger is better.  Don’t forget that if you own your own business, you can claim 100% of CCA for computers and hardware/ software until February 2011 (check out my 16 year end tax tips post here)… which means that $1200 MacBook Pro may actually only cost you $900 or so after your tax return.
These are the things I thought of off the bat.