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youngandthrifty.ca examines the top 4 things you should think about buying after Christmas and New Years to save money and keep more cash in your pocket.

I hope everyone had a good New Years! (And aren’t too hungover the day after!)

I know this list may seem quite obvious, but I thought I would keep it light today and post about the top four things to buy after Christmas and New Years.

Top Four Things to Buy after Christmas and New Years:

  • Christmas Cards and Holiday decorations

All Christmas cards and holiday decorations are guaranteed at least 50% off.  Great time to stock up for next year.  You won’t be stressed out trying to find cards and save money finding cards, it’s a win-win situation (just don’t misplace them, otherwise it will negate this attempt at saving  money).  If you don’t save your decorations (you should though) it’s a great time to stock up on decorations for next year.

  • Calenders


This is my all-time favourite thing to buy after New Year’s.  Although it is very very tempting to buy your calender before January 1 so you can organize the rest of your 2011… before 2011 actually rolls around, you will save at least 50-70% off calenders if you just wait a few more days.  A lot of the seasonal calender shops pack it up and leave after their inventory clears out, so act fast for the discount or else your favourite calender- “Hawaiian tropic babes of 2011” or “Hot Hot Hot Firemen of 2011” might be gone.

  • Boxed Chocolates and Baked Goods

Oftentimes, there are seasonally packaged boxed chocolates that are just begging to be swept of the shelves and shoved and melted into your mouth.  The retailers don’t want these green and red packaged boxes sticking around so they’ll be slashing the prices- good for us!  Also, no one wants to sell stale gingerbread cookies, right?

  • Electronics

This one is specifically for After Christmas (aka Boxing Day) but often the good sales happen in January.  There can be a lot of good deals to be found, but you may have to start lining up at 0430 am to get them.  BF is banking on getting a ginormous flat screen LED television, because he seems to believe that bigger is better.  Don’t forget that if you own your own business, you can claim 100% of CCA for computers and hardware/ software until February 2011 (check out my 16 year end tax tips post here)… which means that $1200 MacBook Pro may actually only cost you $900 or so after your tax return.
These are the things I thought of off the bat.

Article comments


We need to get a new TV soooo badly… Perhaps this January!

I bet the LED are still pretty expensive…

young says:

@Money Reasons- January sounds like a good time to buy! The LED’s have actually come down in price…(I think). I recently learned the difference between and LED and an LCD (all the techie’s out there, please don’t throw tomatoes at me!).

I actually didn’t know any of this, but hope it isn’t too late! I’m going to try to see if the local CVS still has some deals on Holiday things.

young says:

@Investing Newbie- I was so excited when I saw your avatar, I almost couldn’t believe it! I’m sure the local CVS will have some holiday deals- you’ll need all the savings you can get being a student again! 🙂 I know if I do grad school, I will!

DoNotWait says:

I hate boxing week! But if I had to buy electronics, I would try to wait after Christmas. Same goes with appliances. They tend to be on sale after Christmas as the new models are often going out by February or March.

young says:

@DoNotWait- Thanks for letting me know that new models come out Feb/March, Mike. I have been vulturing it out to find some good deals on appliances lately. I don’t like Boxing Week either- people are in a mad dash to grab anything in site and they sometimes don’t realize that things aren’t on sale “that” much.

Fox says:

Lucky guy, wow a 55″ TV. Thats a really good price too. Yea I agree with you on the top 4 things to buy. Household items, such as dishwashers, stoves etc are a good buy now as well. Like you mentioned, most electronics are a great bargain now. Great post.

young says:

@Fox- Thanks Fox!

krantcents says:

Good ideas, although I try to avoid shopping! Recently, I bought a new dishwasher and it came with a 60 day price guarantee. Today I called them because I found a cheaper price. The good news was they honored their commitment and credited me $71.34. Nice surprise!

young says:

@krantcents- Yay! I hate hate hate when the price goes lower than when I bought it. It’s always good though to buy before Christmas and then make sure they honour the price warranty and that you can go back and get a price difference if possible. $71 back in your pocket, can’t go wrong with that!

twentysomethingmoney says:

My friend and I had this discussion yesterday, about how she wanted to buy a new Christmas tree. She got 50% off by buying the day after Xmas.

The reality is, even if its a new or old Xmas tree, its going in storage for a year anyways, so why not buy post-christmas, and save $50+ bucks.

young says:

@twentysomethingmoney- yes, you’re right! The Christmas tree, great to buy after Christmas, unless it’s a real Christmas tree. In which case, a great cost saver would be to get a real christmas tree (small) in a pot and bring it out year after year. There’s apparently a company around here who does that- good for the environment 🙂

Winter clothes and outerwear always are great prices this time of year as well.

young says:

@Steve Zussino- Yup, I think though closer to end of January is when winter clothes and outerwear are on a bargain, I find that on Boxing Day (or Boxing Week) the prices aren’t so good.

I whole heartily agree with your BF, consider a nice Samsung LED 55 inch TV if you have the budget for it!

young says:

@BeatingTheIndex- Boys and their big flat screen televisions! Yes, he managed to get his hands on a 55″ Sony for about $1300 off the regular price (the store sold out but they honoured the Boxing Day price for when new shipment comes in January). This year the prices for TV’s are exceptionally cheap, I heard that there was a surplus shipment and with the high CDN dollar, it also helps.

We got a bath robe for the Mrs. yesterday, but I think that’s it for 2010. Black Friday kicked out butts and busted the budget. 🙂

young says:

@retirebyforty- Black Friday- all the deals are too good to miss. I like how in the US, the day of good deals is BEFORE Christmas, here for us in Canada, it’s AFTER Christmas. It seems one can take advantage of Black Friday to buy discounted Xmas presents 🙂