This week is cheap travel week on!  Hopefully you’ll be inspired this week to find ways to save money on your future travels.

As a 20 something, I’m sure many of you have considered or even done a big trip to Europe or Asia, living out of a backpack and staying in hostels.

I say take advantage of your non-discerning taste while you can– backpack while you are still young and don’t mind living in hostels and using shared bathrooms and dorm rooms.

Possibly, as you get older, and as your income expands (woohoo, one good thing about getting older), you may decide that backpacking isn’t for you anymore.  Paying $10-$16 a night for shared dorm rooms, possibility of a bed bug infestation, and having to listen to other people snoring just might not be worth it.

Here are some reliable websites to use when booking your hostel.  They come with reviews from other hostelers so you can see what other people think of the hostel, this allows you to make your decision wisely.  Note: When a hostel review says that the place smells like sewage. Believe them.  Learn from my experience! *yuck!!*  That smell infiltrated my nasal passages for days…

  • Hosteling International– usually of higher calibre (read- CLEANER), but you have to pay a membership for certain countries in order to book.
  • Hostel World– over 20,000 hostels around the world at your fingertips!
  •– haven’t used these guys personally, but they have >30,000 hostels to choose from too

Sometimes hostels can be a great place to meet fellow travelers and a good place to trade tips on where to go, what to avoid, and which tour companies to associate with.

Readers, have you ever stayed in a hostel?  What do you think, yay or nay?