Travel on the Cheap

A lot of really smart people claim that experiences – not stuff – is what happiness is made out of.  Maybe they’ve got something there – or maybe they just need better stuff.  Regardless, one of the only things better than travelling, is travelling on the cheap.  The more frugal you are when booking flights, and accommodations, the longer you can stay in your personal paradise.  We’ve got guides on how to save money on everywhere from Amsterdam to Thailand.

If you want ideas on the best travel credit cards to take advantage of, how to score great eats at cheap prices, or what backpacking and hostels are all about, this is the spot for you.


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Is Credit Card Travel Insurance Enough?

We’ve all been there: a single click away from booking those hard-earned airline tickets for a little well-deserved R and R, and there it is: the travel insurance option. It...
Aeroplan vs Air Miles

Aeroplan vs AIR MILES: Which Should You Choose?

The Aeroplan vs. Air Miles debate has been raging for years, leaving many Canadians wondering: which should you choose? Air Miles and Aeroplan are two of Canada’s most recognized travel...
How to Save When You Want to Experience the Magic of Disney

How to Save When You Want to Experience the Magic of Disney

Several months ago when I learned that a cool conference I attend every year would be taking place in Orlando I quickly thought - what a great opportunity to mix...
9 Tips for Buying Cheap Camping Gear 650x650

9 Nine Tips For Buying Cheap Camping Gear (Tip One: Don’t Wait Until Summer)

Y’all: Do not wait to shop for the best camping deals when you’re two weeks away from your trip to Banff or Yellowstone. You will end up throwing money at...
Iceland on a Budget

Iceland on a Budget

Iceland is beautiful!  No wonder there are record number of tourists visiting Iceland (millions per year in 2017... for a country of roughly 330,000 inhabitants) they are even considering adding...
Hua Hin on a Budget

Hua Hin on a Budget

Hua Hin is a seaside resort city about a 2-3 hour car or bus ride from Bangkok, in Thailand.  Hua Hin has both a cosmopolitan (big hotel chains like Hyatt,...
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