Travel on the Cheap

A lot of really smart people claim that experiences – not stuff – is what happiness is made out of.  Maybe they’ve got something there – or maybe they just need better stuff.  Regardless, one of the only things better than travelling, is travelling on the cheap.  The more frugal you are when booking flights, and accommodations, the longer you can stay in your personal paradise.  We’ve got guides on how to save money on everywhere from Amsterdam to Thailand.

If you want ideas on the best travel credit cards to take advantage of, how to score great eats at cheap prices, or what backpacking and hostels are all about, this is the spot for you.


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best way to use aeroplan miles

Best Way to Use Aeroplan Miles

Yes, I am well aware that Aeroplan isn't the best points program and there are others that are much better without the hassle of Aeroplan. However, being that Air Canada...
Traveling to Sedona

Sedona on a Shoestring

I went down to Sedona in Arizona on a last minute flight, it was only $220 Canadian return from Vancouver, including taxes.  I didn't even have to succumb to flying...
What is Credit Card Churning

What is Credit Card Churning?

For the first time in a while, I have only one credit card in my wallet, and admittedly it feels kind of weird.  I usually have more than one credit...

Phoenix on the Cheap

I went down to Phoenix to see Antelope Canyon and also to check out the allure of the real estate in Phoenix.  Basically, to scope out Phoenix as a place...
How to Go on a Wine Tasting Trip Relatively Unscathed

How to Go on a Wine Tasting Trip Relatively Unscathed

Let's not kid ourselves, I love wine tasting.  I am extremely lucky here in British Columbia to have the 'wine country' (e.g. Oliver, Pentincton, Naramata Bench) and all the other...
Portland on a Budget

Portland on a Budget

I haven't been to Portland since I was a child but have always wanted to go since it's basically like an American version of Vancouver (in a way, sort of)....